Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ways to Use Ribbon

Okay, let's face it -- As scrapbookers, we all have a spool of ribbon (or shall I say spools of ribbon) in our never-ending stash of supplies. My ribbon stash is out of control, and sometimes I wonder what I'm going to do with all of it.

There's always the typical ribbon use such as pretty bows for wrapping gifts. ...but how can we use our ribbon stash for scrapbooking projects?!

Here's some ideas:
((Some of these layouts were taken from some of the IFS gals' galleries.))

*Make a flower with it. (layout created by me)

*Make a tie or bow, and add it to your project. (layout created by Danielle)

*Use it as a tab to pull out journaling cards/tags.
(layout created by Susan)

*Use it as part of an embellishment.
(layout created by Delaina)

*Make your own embellishments with it.
(layout created by Julie)

...and here are other ideas:
*Use rub-ons on your ribbons to embellish it.

*Turn it into a border for your photos.
*Stamp on it.
*Use it to hang projects or photos.
*Tie an album or project shut with it.

The possibilities are endless. If you can think of any other way to use ribbon in a creative way, feel free to let us know! We'd LOVE to hear your ideas.



  1. Im guilty as charge! I have a basket full. I always get stump on using ribbons. Love all the layouts the CT did. Fabulous post Sarah!

  2. I've ran my ribbon through the printer to put my journalling on. Looks really cool and it's really easy to due. First print out your journalling on a piece of paper then adhere the ribbon over top of the printed area and run it through the printer again. I find this works best with thicker cotton ribbon.

  3. ooh thanks for the tips! ^_^ love the different ways you all used the ribbons!

  4. thanks for the inspiration - as always, great ideas!

  5. great ideas, did you make those ribbon flowers in your layout? they are super cute?