Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing Our Featured Artist for Jan. 22!!

I always get excited to announce our featured artist every Friday! If you will notice I almost always post it around midnight (unless I have to go bed early)! I am SO excited to announce our artist today. She was referred by a regular contributing artist and I feel very lucky that she agreed to do a post! Her work is really beautiful and you are going to be inspired by her post and page ideas. So, before that do that ... let's get to know her!

Hi, I’m Dolores and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado. I love the outdoors and having the gorgeous Rocky Mountains close by is a special treat. I have been dubbed our family photographer since I am always the one with the camera trying to get a shot of one thing or another. My love of the outdoors naturally spills over into scrapbooking and many of my layouts contain pictures from hiking or other outdoor activities. I feel blessed that my husband is also an avid outdoors person and we have many common interests. I also have two great dogs, Gracie and Truman, that frequent my layouts. They certainly add to the humorous side of our lives. I have been scrapbooking for about 9 years now, but look at this hobby as one that always has something new to explore. I work in the computer software field so I am a bit of a techie, but scrapbooking lets me indulge in the creative side of things. I want to thank Pam for the opportunity to share with you; I was honored to be invited as a guest contributor. It’s been a real fun experience!

Here is a link to her gallery:
And her blog:
Be sure to check those out ;)

Just wait until you see her post, you are going to love it :) :) I will post it in a few minutes, so stay tuned!!

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