Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paint/Ink Technique

I love to add color, contrast and dimension to my pages by adding Paint and Ink. On all 3 of these Los I used an inexpensive scrap piece of Sheet Rock Tape to achieve the desired look. You just hold the tape down on the areas of your page that you want the effect and either dab Paint or Ink. I love the effect and you may do as much as you like. You will see that I have used two variations of the Tape, one with square holes and the other with round holes. The round holes seem to give a clearer image but I love the random effect of the square because it seem to be thicker in some areas than others. I hope you will give this a try and enjoy the results you achieve.


  1. gorgeous...love to use paint too...xxx

  2. Such a cool technique! I rarely use paint on my pages, but I want to try it more.