Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ask the Artists

Have fun reading these questions that I asked the contributing artists ;) Isn't it fun to read what people like and such?

1. What are your favorite color combinations to scrap with?

Susan: The color combo I fall back on over and over is red, black, and white. But I also love the red and black with kraft paper. Then there is the blue/brown combo that really looks great. Really…do I have to chose just one?! LOL!

Sarah: I like brown and green shades put together, but in reality, I use all sorts of colors depending on the picture that I want to scrap. I think I've used every color combination you can possibly think of.

Melanie: Right now my pages are sporting lots of pink and brown and blue and brown (I have one boy, one girl - what can I say -grins.).

Julie: I love bright colors! I tend to use a lot of lime green, orange and teal in my work.

Heather: This is going to sound terrible, but my favorite colors to scrap with are neutrals. I love white, kraft, and black cardstock! I buy it in bulk because it matches everything, and always works. If I had to chose a particular color after that, I'd say I use a good bit of blue. Outside of scrapbooking, I love green! I have a green laptop, ipod, and purse.

Delaina: Pink, Red, and Brown

Cindy: Since I have a little boy I tend to use a lot of reds, blues, and browns.. But I really love the summer shades that I do not get to use near as much.....the pinks, greens, and yellows.

Cathy: Since I mainly scrap stuff about my boys, I love to work with blues, browns, oranges and greens.

2. What are some blogs you love to visit for inspiration?

Susan: Ideas for Scrapbookers, of course! This blog has something for everyone!

Sarah: I visit a compilation of other scrapbooking related blogs. I appreciate that a lot of them share their talent with the rest of the scrapbook world. For instance, I love Ideas for Scrapbookers! There's always something interesting and clever to read here. *wink*

Melanie: I am currently loving the classes over at and I also have a blog roll of blogs in the sidebar of my own blog that I visit almost daily.

Julie: I follow a ton of blogs and it's really hard to say which ones I'd consider my faves. That being said, I get a lot of wonderful ideas and inspiration from the following people and sites:
Jillibean Soup (
Bo Bunny (
Juliana Michaels (
Amanda Muirhead (
LollyChops (
Moxie Fab World (
Oh, and if you want a good giggle or two I highly recommend The Bloggess (

Heather: For digital scrapbooking inspiration I visit:
Sue Cummings' blog,
I also love Natasha Na St Designs,
For paper inspiration I visit:
Ideas for Scrapbookers (of course!)
Julie Bonner
Jana Eubank
and the gallery.


Cindy: I don't really visit blogs much since I just recently got a home computer. But I am excited to see where everyone else visits, so I can go and check it out. I am for learning and seeing new ideas!

Cathy: There's tons of inspiration in the galleries at and the blogs of all the contributing artists here at Ideas for Scrapbookers. I also like to visit Mojo Monday for a little card inspiration.

3. (fill in the blank) The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is ________ because _________ .

Susan: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is adhesives because I always seem to run out of adhesives first!

Sarah: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is usually the latest release because I have a horrible addiction to paper.

Melanie: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is adhesive because I can't keep it on my scrapbook table . LOL, seriously, I bought the Glue Glider Pro and I have been known to buy 2-3 refills for one weekend!

Julie: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is the sales flyer because I'm trying to be frugal these days.

Heather: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is patterned paper because I'm totally addicted to it. I have more patterned paper than I will ever admit. LOL

Delaina: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is cardstock because I collect it ...LOL!

Cindy: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is journaling pads because I use them all the time. I use large ones for titles and embellishments, and I use the smaller ones for dates and notes regarding the page. I am also a sucker for paper pads.

Cathy: The first thing I grab at a scrapbook store is the basket to put all my goodies in because even if I tell myself I'm going in for *just* one thing, I know several things will catch my eye and I'll *have* to have them! When I am perusing the aisles, I probably spend the most time in the paper and stamp aisles. I can never seem to collect enough!

4. If you could have a superhero power, what would it be? Why?

Susan: I would like to have super energy, enough energy to get everything I want to do done without needing to rest or sleep before I can finish. Of course, if I just had more hours in the day, I wouldn’t need super energy!

Sarah: I would want to read people's mind, so that I could use that to my advantage. muhahahaha! Just kidding about the using it to my advantage part, but I really would LOVE to read people's minds. Then, I would know what to say or do around certain people. LOL.

Melanie: Oh, definitely, super speed, keeping up with the kids, the house, the pets, and the scrapping would be SO much easier!

Julie: Without a doubt... invisibility! I can't tell you the number of times in a day I'll mutter, "gee... to be a fly on that wall". I'm a Nosy Nellie! If I could listen in on a conversation not meant for my ears, and no one be the wiser, that'd be super! That'd be a SUPER power!

Heather: I would be able to alter time. I've always wanted to give myself more hours in a day to get things done!

Delaina: To Fly....then I could travel to every CHA for free.

Cindy: I would love to have the power to see into the future. It would be really cool to go 20 yrs from now, and see where my life it, and the man my son grew into to.

Cathy: Only one? Well I could wish for the power to be able to grant powers and then I could have all the powers I wanted and share them too! I'd like to be able to fly, but if I could only have one power, I'd really like to have the power to heal. Then I could help everyone that deals with chronic conditions like autism, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc! Wow, just imagine all the power that could generate! And then we could use that to help us fly! :-)

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