Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introducing Our Featured Artist for Jan. 15!!

Today's artist is someone I have known for quite a while and I am feeling SO blessed to have her featured here! She is so amazingly talented and she is one of the nicest people around. I have had the honor of getting to know her for a the past few years. You are going to LOVE her post and first it's time to get to know this amazingly talented artist!!

Hi there! My name is Tessa Ann. I live in beautiful Bend, Oregon with my adorable husband, Steven of 11 years. We hope to have a family soon, but now have 3 furry-babies. My husband is amazingly supportive of my crazy need to create. I grew up being surrounded by crafty women. My Grandmas, Aunts and Mom all were very creative in their respective talents. I dabbled in many crafts throughout my life, really enjoying scrapbooking, drawing and sewing. I stumbled across polymer clay in my local craft store and picked out a few colors and forgot about them for some time. I needed a special button for a project and I just wasn't finding what I wanted in my button stash. My husband had the brilliant idea to put that polymer clay I had purchased to use, and make my own button. Well, that took some trial and error, before I had a button that was functional and could be used on my project, but a lot was learned in the process ;) I started my Etsy shop after such wonderful feedback locally about my little button creations. Etsy has been an amazing place to get my little business going.

Here is her blog:
You must check out her etsy shop: Tessa Ann

I asked Tessa Ann to share with us a few of her FABULOUS buttons! I have had a chance to work with them and I must say they are the best. I just ordered some beautiful winter buttons! Here are some of her yummy buttons:

Just wait until you see her amazing post.. and here it is!


  1. LOVE those yummies, tessa! :)

  2. Congrats Tessa! I thought about you the other day, wondering what you were up too! I met you at the scrapstore in Bend a couple times. Congrats on being the featured artist! Your buttons are incredible! I'm now following your blog on google reader!

  3. Her buttons are ADORABLE! And not only is Tessa Ann a great scrapper and talented artist, she is also a beautiful person!

  4. Oh my goodness those buttons are beyond adorable! I'm off to check them out! I love the book you made too. Thanks for the inspiration!