Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Using Die Cut Shapes

I wanted to provide some choices regarding the use of die cuts with or without having the actual die cut paper, and then trimming your photos to fit a die cut frame.
Many of us love the look of die cut papers. I know when I go to any scrap store I love all the shapes, and curves the die cut papers come in, but try not to go too crazy as these gorgeous papers do cost more. In the first layout I wanted to use a die cut shape, but wanted to keep my page basic. So instead of looking to buy, or making a die cut shape from paper, I decided to use a template for just a die cut edge. I started with the shape I wanted and then used a paper piercer (or a pencil would work just as good), and placed a dot every 1/8 inch or so, until I went around the entire edge of the template frame. I was then left with a tiny pin hole showing the shape I wanted. At first my plan was to sew the shape, but I decided to dress up the page a bit and used pearls. I used 4 larger pearls for the top, bottom, and side points, and then used smaller ones for the remaining shape. The pearls come in a line glued together, so I took an exacto knife and just cut them individually, and then used tweezers to adhere them on each pin hole. I love the how the pearls dress up the page and think it would work great for a wedding or engagement layout.

I then took the same template and placed it where I wanted my photos to be, outlined it on the back of the photos, and cut the photos out. It would have worked just as well keeping the photos standard shape, but I like the look of photos taking on a non traditional edge.

I also made a journaling block out of a square of lined paper for the writing, and then a triangle on top, to form the shape of a house.

For the final touch I wanted the page to look like it was hung in a frame. So I cut strips of wood grain paper and then cut the ends on a diagonal to give them a mitered look like wood corners would have. I then I adhered them with pop up strips to make it look like a picture frame.

The second page was a very simple layout using pre-made die cut paper. I loved this paper and really wanted to use it to highlight one of my most favorite holiday photos. The paper had multiple layers of design that I didn't want to cover up with my photo. So I used my cricut to cut circles until one fit the right size (a plate, or bowl edge also works great for making circle templates in different sizes). Once I had the shape, I just glued my photo to the circle and then cut around the edges so my photo was the perfect circle shape to fit the die cut frame. I then just applied some bought paper ornaments, and then used pearls to make it look like the ornaments were hanging from them. Once you have the right circle shape, this is a page that can be made in 15 minutes, so it is great for quick and easy layouts where you are looking to show off your one favorite picture.