Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finding More Inspiration!

Hi everyone. I hope you have been enjoying the AMAZING posts by the contributors and featured artists. They all seriously inspire me to create new and different things! So thanks so everyone for making this blog SO FABULOUS!!

Today I am sharing more places to jump start you creativity! I go to these places when I need inspiration or just feel like seeing eye candy!

1. This first site is a color scheme site. I love to browse all of the color schemes that people create, especially when I am using mostly cardstock projects. Check out this link:

2. I love this next site so much because it has so many COOL patterns. This inspires me to create neat shapes on my pages. I just love browsing patterns of things: . I hope this inspires you to try new things.

3. I love sketches, yes I do. They help get me out of a creative bind! I think that Becky Fleck has some amazing sketches on her site: . My friend Liz also provides AMAZING sketches! Check out her site: .

4. I love Helen Croft idea blog!! She always has fabulous tutorials and inspiring posts. Check out her site for major inspiration!

5. The gallery always has amazing pages and projects in it! I love browsing the gallery when I have time at .

6. This is totally unrelated to scrapbooking but I do love this site. I found this a little while back and I am hooked! A woman is making 365 dressed in 365 days out of $1 finds!

7. I try to keep up on blogs but don't always have time. Other than the contributor's blog, here are two blogs I check almost everyday. The first blog I visit is by Elsie F. I love the photos and inspiration images she has! . I also visit my friend, Heidi's blog almost every day: . She takes the best photos and I love seeing her pages!

8. Another place to get lots of inspiration is the Creating Keepsakes blog! You can see it here: .

9. GCD Studios has this awesome blog with so many great projects! You can see it here: or follow GCD on facebook here: . You will find lots of project to help get you started.

10. Last but not least, I am sharing a link to the Anna Griffin site which has so many great projects on it. I love the style of her projects, so elegant and pretty! Check out the craft projects: .

Where do you go for inspiration? Post a link so we can see!!

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  1. I went to that dress a day site and read for at least an hour! Such a neat idea! Thanks for sharing your links!