Friday, December 4, 2009

Three Layouts to Inspire You!

These are 3 recent pages of mine. I wanted to show examples of using one of Pam's template, how to use a hand made template, and a layout with no template at all.

(this is the modified leaf template by Pam)

Here is the digital layered template for Photoshop:

Title: ABC

Text: Library of your most favorite things. So much so, that you typically go at least once a week. This particular day was the annual pumpkin palooza. They had apples & cider, face painting, and pumpkin decorating. But you didn't need the special event as a reason to visit the library. You just love books. Ever since you were a baby you enjoyed books and being read to. I love reading & I love books also. I hope this is something we will share together for many years to come.

Description: This came from the photo block section of Pam's leaf template layout. I knew I wanted to use some recent library visit photos, and when I saw this photo block, I really loved it. But in keeping with the library/reading theme of the page, instead of the square corners, I rounded them to form the letter "C" in which to showcase the photographs. I found some paper with die cut apples along the top, and since some of the photos from the library included my son eating an apple from the event that day, I thought this paper would be perfect. I wanted the focus of the page to be the "C" photos, and the apple-top paper, so the rest of the layout is very basic. Just an smaller sized "A" and "B" creating the ABC title, some journaling, and minimum embellishments. I love that Pam's layouts can be used as presented, but also with minor alterations, can be used for many others layouts as well.

Title: Feeling You Grow

Text: I used to love when you moved around in my belly. I never minded the kicks or the discomfort, as I knew that those kicks and punches were God's way of allowing me to feel you grow.

Description: I had been toying with this idea for a while in my mind (using a pregnant silhouette to showcase sonogram photos), and finally decided to try in on paper. I made the template first. I drew a small outline of a pregnant woman and played around with it until I liked the way it looked. Then I photocopied and blew it up until it was larger enough to fill a 12 x 12 page. Them I traced it out cut it out in black. Since the silhouette and the photos are the main focus, again the rest of my page is very minimal. Just my title, some embellishments, with the journaling around the edge.

Title: You MONOPOLYze my Heart

Description: I am always looking for ways to use multiple photos on layouts and thought a Monopoly board would be a great idea. The monopoly money I used was just color photocopies from internet images (as I don't actually own a Monopoly board). The cut out shapes were all made with the Cricut. The MONOPOLYze title was cut using the Monopoly font, but I used 3 layers (1 black for shadow and 2 white) to give it additional dimension. With these 3 layouts I mainly wanted to show that you can find inspiration anywhere, even the most common things, and still makes it original and yours.

With these 3 layouts I mainly wanted to show that you can find inspiration anywhere, even the most common things, and still makes it original and yours.


  1. Great layouts! I just love that monopoly one! We are big fans of library time too!

  2. I stumbled across the Monopoly LO yesterday on So creative! Thank you for sharing your fabulous creations.

  3. you know how much i love your work!! Great post!!

  4. Absolutely awesome layout ideas! You are so creative! That pregnancy silhouette is my favorite one. Amazing!

  5. I love that pregnant page! What amazing ultrasound photos! I may need to scraplift this one :) Thanks

  6. OMGOSH LOVE LOVE LOVE both these layouts! I'll be scraplifing them! Thanks!