Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Danielle's Favorite Holiday Project

Hi everyone! It's day two of the contributor's favorite project and Danielle's turn! I think it's neat to see people's favorite pages and to find out more infomation ... so here is Danielle's adorable favorite holiday project and questions I asked her!

1. Why is this your favorite Christmas project? What is the story behind this?

I just love this project because of the memory! Isn't that what scrapbooking is about? It was my daughter's first time decorating holiday cookies and it was adorable! She was getting so messy! We eventually striped her to her diaper only! By the end she was covered in flour, icing and sprinkles! It was so special because both her grandmother and great-grandmother were there to help pass on the tradition!

2. What helped you create this page? What are some tips for creating this? What is your favorite part about the project?

I am happy I was able to fit so many photos on it. Don't be afraid to add small photos to your creations! The photos I used were full of many different colors, so I chose a few to bring out in my patterned paper - blue, pink, and green. My favorite part of the project is most definitely the photos!

3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

You see it in my layout - baking and decorating sugar cookies!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your fabulous page with us, Danielle! Stay tuned because more favorite pages will be starting again on Saturday! Tomorrow is a post by Sarah and Friday is the featured artist for the week!


  1. What an awesome memory for you! I love cooking and baking this time of year too and the kids are always cute "helping". Even better having Grandma and Great Grandma there with you.

  2. That page is so very special Danielle! Thank you for sharing!