Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Melanie's Favorite Holiday Project!

Today, part of this week and all next week I will be featuring the contributor's favorite holiday pages and projects! Today is Melanie's turn! See why she considers this her favorite and I think it's pretty special too! Here is her favorite project and below is questions I asked her. Enjoy!

1. Why is this your favorite Christmas project? What is the story behind this?

This project is my all time favorite because of the man in the Santa suit. No, this isn't the REAL Santa, it's one of his wonderful helpers. A helper who always makes sure that he does everything exactly how Santa would want it done. He's been known to carry two pairs of boots and change them before stepping inside a house (Santa's boots would never be wet, now would they? He rarely touches the ground thanks to those flying reindeer of his.), he catches up on all the local school's information. He knows most of the teachers and principals in the districts and makes sure to drop names whenever he can. OH, and most special of all - he's mine! Sort of, this is my Uncle Cliff and he's been making Christmas wishes come true for several years now. Too bad Noah didn't think he was so great this year!

2. What helped you create this page? What are some tips for creating this? What is your favorite part about the project?

My favorite part of this project is the non-traditional colors. The pinks and browns make the page pop. Sometimes I think that non-traditional colors paired with the traditional reds and greens make the more traditional colors pop. Just a hint: next time you stamp a Christmas image and color it using basic red and green...mask your image and sponge some light blue ink around the sky area, your reds and greens will look dazzling!

3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday traditions are the special ornaments that we always add to our tree. The Christmas Spider is always, always present and its a wonderful story if your not familiar with this one (Do an internet search for Legend of the Christmas Spider and you'll be sure to find the tale.). We also traditionally hide the Christmas Pickle within the branches of our tree and let the kids try to find it. The finder of the pickle gets a special gift.

4. Anything else you would like to share.

We try to keep our holidays a time of wonder and suprise, family, friends, and foods, sights, sounds and laughter. My wish is that you and your experience this and so much more this holiday season. May your holidays be filled with health, wealth, and happiness!

Thanks Melanie for sharing you creativity with us!!!!
If you noticed, I got mixed up.. this is Melanie's project, not Heather's!

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  1. Such a sweet layout Melanie! I loved reading about your favorite Christmas project!