Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift Bow Tutorial

I imagine by now that most of you have finished making your holiday cards and are placing the finishing touches on any projects you’ve created as gifts. I also imagine you’re a lot like me, and now have a bunch of scraps left over.

Let’s use those scraps! We can make gift bows with them. This is a super easy, quick project. So easy, in fact, that your children can join in the crafting fun.

Using a patterned paper with a design on both sides, cut the following:

8 each – 1 inch x 4.5 inches
4 each – 1 inch x 3.5 inches
1 each – 1 inch x 2.5 inches

Fold all of the strips (with the exception of the short one) as pictured below and tack in place with adhesive or craft glue. When you’re working with the 4.5” lengths, fold 4 using one side of the patterned paper then fold the other four using the opposite side.

Take the remaining length (1 inch x 2.5 inches) and make a small loop.

Pierce a small hole in each bow petal and on the underside of the loop.

Insert a brad through the center of the loop piece.

Flip it over and place the 1 inch x 3.5 inch petals (facing downward) onto the brad.
Repeat the process for the other two layers.

Use glue dots to stack each layer of the bow. And there you go! You now have a package topper that anyone (including the family pet) will find hard to resist.


  1. Great tutorial! One thing I found when I made a couple of these was that thinner two-sided paper worked better than the heavier papers. Just a little easier to to put together and adhere to packages. :)

  2. That is soo gorgeous Julie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Julie, this tutorial is so fabulous, thanks for sharing!!

  4. This is great! Would be great for other occassions to. Coordinated gift wrap is so much easier to craft than to buy at times.

  5. Great idea; thanks for sharing. I don't have a kitty to help me though.

  6. Adorable! what a great idea and just in time for me to use with the gifts! Thanks Julie!

  7. Julie, you read my mind! I was wrapping gifts the other day was thinking how I could make these bow out of scrap papers. Now I dont have to rack my brain TFS

  8. What an awesome idea...I love it!!!

  9. FAB U LOUS idea!!! Definitely gonna try it!!

  10. I was just telling my Dad about these today.. thanks for a great tutorial!!

  11. Very cool idea, Julie!! Looks like you had a great helper!! :)

  12. o0o0o0!!! i've got to try that! :)


  13. Wow.....not that's one sweet tut!

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