Sunday, December 27, 2009

Uses For Some Of Those Unused Tools...

With Christmas over and New Years on it's way, it's got me thinking about cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and all of the like. And one area that I always struggle with is my scrapbook area. Should I really throw it away? Will I need it on that next project? So I decided to take my top 3 least used tools and find some new uses for them. Here is what I found....

Versa Mark Ink, I rarely use mine, or at least not enough to say it's a needed staple in my stamp area. But did you know you can use Versa Mark to...

Create a watermark effect on paper? With versa mark you always have a complimentary color to match your cardstock.

Do some Two-Step Stampin, nope, it's not a new dance move, lol, just take your versa mark ink and stamp your image, then stamp again, slightly offset with a metallic ink for a shadow effect.

Use your versa mark for discrete journaling lines. Use a lined stamp and stamp with versa mark. It'll make faint lines, and although this ink is sticky when stamped, it dries clear, non-sticky, and acid free.

Paper Crimper, sometimes I forget why I bought one of these but you can use this handy tool to...

Enhance cuts from your die cutting machines, adds great texture and it's a very simple effect. Even a child can use a crimper.

Use it to add dimension to cards. Crimp only the ends of a paper border for a different effect.

Make your own custom corrugated liners for cupcakes.

And finally, punches, mine don't get a lot of use since I got my Cricut, but with stamp art making a come back on a lot of great blogs it doesn't hurt to hold onto them. Wanna keep them running perfectly? Here's how...

Sharpen punches by cutting through fine sandpaper (200-400 grit should do) or aluminum foil.

Remember that humidity can affect a punch, so make sure that your paper is kept in a cool, dry spot.

And did you know....

Your can cut thin layers of polymer clay with a punch? You will need to coat both sides of your sheet with talcum powder before you punch the shape and the clay sheet needs to be as firm as possible.

There you have it, I found several uses for things I don't normal use much. Before you declutter your scrap area, take a minute to think of what you might be able to do with that item.

Have a happy and safe new year!


  1. Really fabulous tips Melanie!!! I had no clue about the Versamark. Now you're going to make me want to go out and buy some! LOL

  2. thanks for the tips Melanie, I didn't now you use some things in that way!

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