Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Crafting with Children

My daughter is as excited about crafts as I am! So I should have known she would be excited when she saw my newest supplies! I had planned to make a snowman decoration for our house. Once she spied the packages she asked if she could make one, too! And there is no way I can turn down that sweet little face! I knew my project would be too detailed oriented for her at age 4, so I made some changes and simplified it for her!

She had a sleepover and I decided it would be the perfect afternoon to do our craft! This is what we used for the girls’ snowmen:
· Styrofoam balls in different sizes
· Old cardboard
· Random holiday themed scrapbook papers and stickers
· Modge Podge
· Glitter
· Hot Glue Gun
· Pipe cleaners
· Glitter Glue like Stickles
· Googly eyes
· Glue dots
· Markers
· Sticks (we used lollipop sticks)

We started by covering the Styrofoam balls in Modge Podge and coating them in glitter! One dry, the girls decorated the face and “tummy” with markers, glitter glue, and googly eyes. While they decorated, I made hats out of scrapbook paper. Then I hot glued the Styrofoam balls together while the girls made scarves with pipe cleaners. While the hot glue and glitter glue dried we made the base. I cut out squares of cardboard and gave them lots of scrappy supplies to play with. They covered their bases in paper, die cuts and stickers. Lastly I hot glued the snowmen to the cardboard base and pushed in the arms. They were quite proud of their little creations!!!!


For my project, I used the following supplies:
· Decorative tin
· Paint, glitter & glitter glue
· Scrapbook papers, buttons, markers, die cuts, etc
· Modge Podge, hot glue, glue dots
· Various glittery holiday picks & trim
· Ribbon
· Felt
· Pipe cleaner
· Paper mache star

I started by painting the decorative tin and paper mache star. I then covered part of the tin in paper, tied a ribbon around it and added silver trim. Next, I Modge Podged the Styrofoam balls and the star and covered them in glitter. The scarf was cut from red felt. I also I created a hat from paper and pipe cleaners. Once everything dried, I attached the hat, scarf, button and drew a face. Next I added glitter glue to the Styrofoam ball and star. I arranged the snowman, star and various picks in the tin and added smaller embellishments as I saw fit.

Hope you can think of a fun craft to do with your children too!!!!


  1. This is an awesome idea! I have a holiday craft planned for my kiddos too now that their feeling better.

  2. Oh man, both creations are fantastic!! That is the perfect party craft for little kids! All I need are the kids! :)

  3. What a fun project!! Forget the kids, I wanna make one!! Kidding ... well, mostly. :)

  4. What an amazing project! You could make a whole snowman village! Thanks for sharing this Danielle!

  5. Danielle, these are so very cute!! She did such a great job!! Both are beautiful!!! What a fun way to spend the afternoon!!

  6. this is such a neat idea for your daughter and you!!

  7. It's a very good idea, adorable project !