Friday, October 7, 2011

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Pt 3

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be challenging but the outcome is usually better than you expected! The last two weeks I have shared how I stepped out of my comfort zone, please refer back to post 1 and post 2 if you like! I am sharing how a few of the blog contributors have stepped out of their comfort zones as well!

Vicky challenged herself to try a new style here. Usually she has distressing and lots of shabby chic colors. This is what she has to say about her page, "(this layout) is dark, dramatic and simple without any distressing  - still vintage but so opposite from my regular pastels and shabby chic."  This turned out dramatic and beautiful, don't ya think!

Nancy also stepped out of her comfort zone by altering a her style a bit. This is what Nancy had to say about how she changed up her style,  "This one is really out of my usual.  But I had fun doing it.  While I love playing with mists, this one just isn't my usual style.  No patterned paper, very flat.  But I loved the photo and thought it would be tons of fun to try something different." Her page turned out to be great and goes so well with the photos she chose.

Heather is next showing us how she changed her page to create this next page. Heather said this about how she created it, "This is my out of my comfort zone page. I went out of my comfort zone when I created it because I usually design with very bright colors and I don't often use flowers as a design feature. I also don't normally use Glimmer Mist on my pages because of the possible mess potential. (I'm a klutz! LOL) It's much more feminine than my usual pages." This page turned out so pretty, check it below to see the outcome.

Cathy is sharing three pages on how she stepped out of her comfort zone. As you will see they are all quite different but turned out very creative ;). On her first page called Legacy Christmas Cathy said, "I used pattered paper as my main background. I'm usually a plain paper in the background person." Let's see her example of this.

On Cathy's next page, she shares how she used negative space! She said this about her page,"It was my first time to try working with a large photo and lots of white space.  BTW - that is a poem (or attempt at one) that I wrote many years ago, for my son." This turned out beautiful and just right for her photo!

On Cathy's last page she stepped out of her comfort zone and explained it this way, "I used a series of photos that I combined into a panoramic in Photoshop." The results are a gorgeous winter wonderland!!

I am still looking for reader's pages that share stepping out of your comfort zone! I would LOVE to feature your pages and blog on IFS. Send me your page, how you stepped out of your comfort zone and links to your blog/gallery or anything else you like to


  1. It' hard for me to try new styles, but was fun :)

  2. Your layouts are absolutely gorgeous ladies! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. =0)

  3. These are all great examples! Wow, you girls rock even outside your "comfort zone"!