Friday, September 23, 2011

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hi, it's Pam here! I don't know about you, but I love a challenge. I really enjoy trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. I started scrapping in 2002 and started to challenge myself a couple of years later.  So, I challenge you.. step out of your comfort zone for a day and try new things :) I am sharing a bunch of layout and how I stepped out of my comfort zone in each page and tried something new!

1. Create a paper/banner out of your photos.
One of the first times I stepped out of my comfort zone was in June 2005. I wanted to write about how wonderful a reader my son was, especially because he has just been diagnosed with Autism (thus the title: Diagnosis: A Reader to give him a good diagnosis as well). For the to banner I actually photographs a lot of his book and printed it on a transparency! This was BRAND new for me. Check out what I am referring to.

2. Create photo block and print on one sheet of photo paper.
For my next page I am sharing an example for the same year in November 2005. This is the first time I created a photo block of photo and printed them all of on my sheet of photo paper. This is also the first time I created a uneven frame!

3. Cut and arrange paper around a main circle.
In May 2006, I created this crazy page!! This is seriously the first time I tried anything like this. All papers and arrows pointing in the direction of the photo... check this out.

4. Experiment with negative space.
In this next example I experimented with negative space for the first time. That was fun!! I also created a title which bend around the journaling which was also a new thing for me!

5. Cut paper in unique way and photo edit pictures (like your eye).
In May 2007, I cut out each piece of paper so it was focusing outward. I also manipulated a photo of my eye for this page proving to be a challenging concept. This is one of my all time favorite layouts.

6. Create squares with lots of embellishments and stickers.
Another page is May 2007, I challenged myself to use different types of lettering along with different color of paper and embellishments. This was sooo out of my comfort zone, but I love it!

7. Distress chipboard with paint and ink. 
I created this next layout in Sept 2007. As you might have noticed I don't normally use much ink or paint. I challenged myself big time but painting chipboard pieces and distressing them afterwards.

8. Use a border created by journaling to create a visual circle with eye.
This page created in October 2007 shows how I used the journaling block to serve as the border of the circle. I like creating the false border of the circle.

9. Print off things/names on different pieces of paper and put the on a vine.
This page (created in April 2008) took he out of my comfort zone because I hadn't ever created anything like a vine before.  I drew what I thought a vine would look like and printed off words onto different scraps of paper. I traced and cut out each word an applied to layout.

10. Design a page around one single letter.
As you can see the "Z" in zoo really stand out here. I designed everything to fit into the open spaces. That was definitely getting me out of my comfort zone.

Next week I will be sharing 10 more examples of how I stepped out of my comfort zone. Want to share how you stepped out of your comfort zone? Send me an email at with you page and how you got creative!


  1. I love all these pages! What fun to see how you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried new things.

  2. Pam, I love each one. You did a fabulous job! Your son is so adorable. I pray he doing well.

  3. I love seeing pages created in the past, remembering some great techniques.

  4. Amazing pages!! I want to scraplift some of them :) Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Pam!!! These are all amazing!! Great inspiration!!

  6. Pam - these are such great ideas/examples. You may have been stepping out of yur comfort zone then, but you sure make it all look easy! TFS.

  7. amazing designs as always Pammy!

  8. Oh wow, can't choose a fave - these are GREAT!!!

  9. These pages are all fantastic! I love the curves on the eye one. I think that would be my favorite too if I had to choose one. =0)