Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Designer Showcase: Funny Pages

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait for the Sunday paper to come so you could read the funny pages?  OK, so maybe you still read the funny pages first!  :-)  Today we are going to entertain you and inspire you!  Sit back while we take you through some Designer Showcase "Funny Pages"

Let's start with this page by Vicky.  That adorable photo is sure to bring a smile to your face. And then when you read the simple, poignant title "The Pout", a chuckle just slips right out!  Oh my gosh!  Do all kids have a look that just gets you?  What a great idea to capture it and scrap it!  I really like the umbrella handle made from pearls, so creative!

The title on Cindy's page has me in a rolling laugh!  Sure he's got a "winning smile" ... but look more closely, it says "Above that Winning Smile is Hair with a Mind of it's own"!!! How very cute.  She has captured how her son's hair starts out looking great in the morning, but then gets messy as the day goes on!  Great way to take an every day occurrence and make a memory that will last.

In this one Cindy has captured another every day moment. He son and his near obsession with safety glasses.  He certainly doesn't need to wear safety glasses for these jobs, but he sure is prepared.  These everyday moments can go by so quickly, what a great thing to have to look back on.

LOL!!  How cute is this idea?  Cindy created a page with a translation of things her son's says.  She lists them in a column comparing "Trevorisms" to "English".  This has me cracking up!  And wishing I had done this when my kids were younger!  Quick!  Do it while you still have time!!

Check out Nancy's page.  Looks shabby and chic and gorgeous. Then you take a look at the photos!  The kids are having a bunch of fun!  Great silly pictures and wonderful natural smiles.  Maybe this is the way to get a good picture of a reluctant participant in your house!

Heather has captured what she hopes will not be an everyday event in her house!  He daughter climbing on the TV stand!  She caught her in the act on film and scrapped it!  I love the title!  When you read it, don't you get that sing-song sound in your voice?  LOL

This layout by Heather looks like it belongs in the funny pages! I'm really loving the cartoon treatment she gave her photos. That just really adds to the fun on this page!  Then you read the journaling all about him plotting to soak his sister with the water hose!  Complete with evil laugh!!!  I'm laughing out loud already, but then wait, you read about the girls plotting to get back at the brother!  Now I'm rolling on the floor laughing!  What a great way to create a memory out of a simple everyday type moment!!!

OK, my stomach hurts from all this laughter!  I hope you've been entertained too!  We want to hear from you!  Leave us a comment about something funny that you scrapped. Or better yet, send us your funny pages and we'll feature you in an upcoming Readers Pages post!  You can email them to


  1. GIRLS--those are AWESOME!! SO funny and so cute!!

  2. What fun pages and what a great topic!

  3. I LOVED this Designer Showcase post. I think it's my favorite out of all of the ones we've done so far!! So much fun!