Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Out of a Scrap Slump

Hey, it's Pam here talking about something I just went through. It's hard when you are in a scrap slump.. let me say it was quite a number of months since I created a page!! I just couldn't find the motivation and I was getting frustrated.. so I finally decided to do something about it. Before I share with you how I got motivated again, here is one of the layouts I created this week! I will share the other one below the ideas.

1. My first tip on how I got out of my scrap slump is related to this page! Do you use pinterest??? If not you would get so many cool ideas from it. I have a boards (check it out here) and three specific boards I have to inspire me with scrap pages: Design 101, Color Me Pretty, and Crafty Inspiration.  It really helped me get out of my slump!

 2.  Scrap out of order. In the page above these are super new photos and I have older ones that still need to be scrapped, but I thought why not scrap out of order.. what is really stopping me :)

3.  Go the scrap store and just buy a few things that all match rather than just browse shopping. That is what I did. I had a few photos in mind and bought for that. It made it so much easier when I had it right in front of me.

4.Go themeless. Sometimes the pages that don't have a specific theme like birthday, Christmas, fall, etc can be daunting. Try just scrapping some happy photos of you and your family or friends.

5.  Get inspiration from sketches. There are a ton of them out there.. and even here. Just check the right hand side bar and you will see sketch/templates by the contributors and I.

6.  Create a layout with your favorite color scheme. I did that with my "Little Ollie" page below.  I actually chose the colors BEFORE I chose the photos and theme. It made it that much more fun!!

7.  And last but not least, to get out of your slump you might need to step away from the scrap room, magazines, galleries, boards etc. That way you can get a FRESH start! I tried that for a few days and created the layout below!

Happy scrapping and hope this post inspires you!!


  1. I like your #2 and #3 suggestions. I often scrap out of order just because I have a great idea for certain pictures and don't want to lose that mojo while I'm busy scrapping other stuff. Also I've decided that when I go to the scrapbook store, I'm going to go with pictures and a sketch in mind, so that I can purchase stuff that matches and goes with the sketch! I think that will make it much easier to scrap.

  2. Great tips! And love your LOs! I am a huge fan of #2, whether or not I'm in a slump. I always try to scrap the photos that excite me even if there are photos I "should" scrap first. It just leads to happier, better LOs.

  3. Pam! Love that 13 lo! It is amazing!

  4. beautiful pages...I will take you up on some of these ideas because I've lost all mojo...I cleaned my room hoping to find it under all the papers and scraps but it wasn't there! So I will try anything! lol

  5. I love both of your pages Pammy! I'm glad to see you coming out of your slump. I've missed your layouts.