Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Create Sketches from Advertisements

Hello. This is Anupama Choudary sharing with you a quick and easy way to make sketches. Most of us swear by sketches to create our scrapbook layouts. A well-designed scrapbook page draws in the viewer. Its layout and design are as important as our choice of photographs, colors and embellishments.
It was while designing a print advertisement for my local design business that I realized that the rules  that impact the success of an ad are the same as that of a scrapbook page. Good ads strive for a sense of visual balance wherein design elements complement, rather than compete with, each other. White space is an integral part of a good composition. 
Simply by using the same elements as in an advertisement layout, you can turn it into a sketch/ template for your scrapbook page. Below are a few samples of quick-and-easy page designs adapted from magazine ads -

Example #1  Multi-Photo Layout inspired by the ad

Example #2    Heart-shaped photo sketch created from ad -

Example #3    Frame-in-frame layout adapted from ad -

Hope this post gets you started on sketching your own designs inspired by advertisements in the print media. Happy scrapping and have a great week!


  1. this is awsome thanks for the hint

  2. Funny you say this because I am working on one from a feminine ad!

  3. I've used ads to inspire a few of my LOs. One of my favortie LOs was inspired by the poster for the movie New Year.

  4. a new look out ,great discovery...nice ,you are perfect at your thought.