Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Designer Showcase: Red, White and Blue

Happy Birthday America!  To celebrate, our Designer Showcase this week has the theme red, white and blue!! It's Cathy here to share all the wonderful creations with you, so let's get started!

First up today are 2 really wonderful pages from one of our brand new contributors!  Anupama created this page all about a birthday.  I really like how edgy her page is. It is filled with texture and dimension. It looks and feels intriguing!

On this second page of Anupama's she framed her photo beautifully using a wonderful masking technique.  I love how she has brought out the gorgeous blue color of the water in her photo by framing it in red, and then adding blue accents to her page.

Marlene shares a totally red, white and blue page. She has taken a treasured photo and dressed up patriot style.  That multi-pointed star mat, made of the star paper, is perfect for this!  Marlene also use a really neat little trick to balance her page, she used offsetting strips of light blue paper in the upper left and lower right of her page. Neat idea!

Next up are two pages by me.  This one was done using Pam's 4th of July template.  You can grab it right here. I changed it up just a bit to fit in more photos. Such a great template design for capturing your July 4th celebrations. 

This is one of the very first digital pages that I ever made.  I enhanced the photo to leave color in the flag to make it stand out. I used some brushes to create the look of fireworks behind my title.

Nancy has shared this beautiful page with us. There is so much to love on this page. Nancy has done a great job of using a design triangle to create a layout that gives focus to her photo, while keeping your eye moving about her page so you don't miss a single detail!  I really like the clusters of flowers. Most of all, I like how Nancy has balanced the cuteness and maturity on this page. Reflects the emotions of her daughter growing up!

Wow, that's what first came to mind when I saw Lesley's page about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Her photos have captured the emotions of the memorial.  I like how she stacked the photos, starting with the top one that has information about the memorial, then the statue of soldiers, and then the very poignant photo of the memorial with the reflection of visitors in it. Very moving. Her choices of patriotic papers and embellishments really adds to the powerful feeling of the page. She continued the color scheme in the mats of her photo to tie the look together.

July 4th and summertime are filled with great celebrations, picnics, barbecues, and family get-togethers. All events that have lots of photos to go with them. Cindy has shared 3 layouts with different ways to showcase all those great photos. In the top page, Cindy has done a great job of blocking her photos, I love how she does that! The thin red frame around the larger block is really eye catching. I also really like her added word art pieces.  The double pager also uses that great blocking technique. On this one, Cindy let her title block and journal block extend beyond the boundaries. Very nice way to spice up her page.  In Cindy's 3rd page, she has some great photos that she set slightly of kilter and then added some varied strips of paper beneath. A neat way to show off that handsome guy!

Oh my goodness!  Dolores brings on the cute charm with this page. What a darling photo of her dog all ready for the holiday!  I love the layout of this page. The vertical design takes your eye right to that awesome photo and then allows it to float down the page taking in all the elements and details.  I like how Dolores stacked circles and stars behind the photo too and then repeated that in a smaller version at the bottom of the page behind the word art.  I wonder how long the dog stayed with the flag in it's mouth? It looks so content, and ready to cheer on a parade!

I hope you've enjoyed these samples of using a classic red, white and blue color scheme.  


  1. Great layouts everyone! Tons of inspiration.

  2. Love all those wonderful pages! There are some nice techniques I'll have to try out.