Thursday, July 19, 2012

Creative Photo Cropping

Hi, this is Anupama Choudary all the way from India. I created the LO 'Shine' to showcase one of my favorite techniques - Creative Photo Cropping. 

Here is how I did it -
  • I fussy-cut a picture of my son Karishnu on his first day of school and created a classroom scene around him using the fabulous Graphic 45 papers collection - ABC Primer. 
  • Scale is important to ensure that the subject (Karishnu) is in proportion to other elements (kids) in the background. In this case, the 6x4 picture size worked well.
  • I positioned Karishnu on a stack of books taking care to shade around the picture (using chalks) to create depth.
  • I used pop dots here and there for 3 dimensional effect and to make the scene come alive.
  • You can use embellishments to add character to the scene. I clustered classroom related objects around the photograph to focus attention on the subject.

Creative Photo Cropping can be used in other ways -

In 'Leaps & Bounds' I built a scene around whimsical elements to create a fairytale/ storybook kind of fantasy world. I stretched the scene to make a 16x16 LO.

Mixed-media can be used with cropped photos to create interesting pages. I used lots of gesso in 'My Muse' to tone down the pps and misted the frame blue to accentuate the foreground. I cut my daughter Saanvi from a 8x10 photograph to alter the scale. 

Cropping multiple pictures and adding them to a single page can make it dynamic. I cut three pictures of Karishnu and re-created a fun farm scene using them. The vehicles convey a sense of mobility and work well with the theme of a boy 'Always On The Move'.

You can make a slide-show on your LO by using 2-3 shots taken at the same scene/ event at short intervals. Simply retain the background of one photograph and fussy-cut the others. In 'Wherever Life Takes Us' , I positioned my husband & kids in such a way that they seem to be entering the beach scene!

Hope you find this post informative enough to create scenes of your own. Happy Scrapping!


  1. These are stunning! So creative and well done.

  2. This is so fabulous, I love your cropping!!

  3. These are amazing.. thanks for sharing your wonderful scrapping tips!!

  4. GREAT idea...looks brill here...TFS:):):)

  5. Wow, these ar etruely AMAZING!!!!!! Love the idea

  6. yaa very infomative.nice thanks for such guidence ,I am in playgroup of this field...but loving it.