Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Journaling Challenge plus $25 GC to winner!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope everyone has enjoyed all of our previous posts!

To get rolling, all of the contributing artists decided to come up with a fun challenge for everyone. It's a pretty simple one, so hopefully you'll be able to join us for this one!

CHALLENGE: Use the theme "thankful" + creatively journal on your page!

Pretty easy, right?! Get creative with it! We want to see your work. The winner to this challenge gets a $25 gift certificate to! :)

Please read about the challenge here. Click on this link!

Here's my take on this challenge:

...and some tips and ideas to get creative with your journaling:

1. Get creative with your journaling by writing around the border of your photo. It creates a unique border frame! That's what I did in my "So Thankful for Them" layout. :)

2. Get creative with your journaling by writing/typing on your photo! It adds a wonderful touch. Check out what Susan did:

3. Get creative with your journaling by using a looooooooooooong title. Your title can then act as journaling as well. Check out what Julie did:

4. Get creative with your journaling by adding different journaling blocks. This helps captivate the significance of each photo. Check out what Heather did:

Hope that helps with your journaling, and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! :)


  1. Great post Sarah! I love the layout you made. The color combination is awesome. The fact that you featured the other artists is so very cool!

  2. all of the pages are so cute, thanks for your great post, Sarah!

  3. awesome tips sarah!!! loved this post!

  4. Love the pages - fun ways to journal - thanks for sharing! I was also wondering about the contest deadline, and if it has to be a LO or would a mini with creative journaling work.

  5. hi there! the contest details are listed here:
    Since I already posted the challenge a while back, I am going to keep it at just layouts.
    It ends nov. 30th. hope you can join! :)