Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feeling Froggy?

I imagine many of you are like me, meaning that you’ve cut back on your scrappy spending in recent months and are trying to make use of the materials already sitting in your stash. As much as I’d love to rush out and buy the perfect embellishment for a project I’m working on, I’ve forced myself to become extremely creative with my supplies.

A few months back I was working on this layout of my nephew. I really wanted to use the quote and I especially liked the “frog in his pocket” part. I didn’t have a frog embellishment on hand, so I looked through my craft supplies and figured out a way to make a frog from ribbon!

Depending on what size you want your froggy to be will determine the lengths of ribbon to use. For my example, the lengths of ribbon are 10 inches and 13 inches.

For the legs and feet, take the 10 inch length of ribbon and fold the ends as shown. No need to be exact - the more goofy and lopsided, the better. We're going for whimsy.

Once you're happy with the results, pin them into place and set aside.

For the body use the longer length of ribbon and fold it over as shown below.

Loop it around again, slightly higher (again, we're going for whimsy - we don't want perfection).

Then wrap the ribbon around the "eyes" to form the "mouth". Be patient... this may take several tries, but you'll get it.

Next tuck the end behind and use a dab of glue (or a quick stitch) to hold in position.

Secure the body to the legs with a running stitch.

For his tongue, I used a Prima flower petal but you could use a tiny scrap of red cardstock, paper or felt. And lastly, add some googly eyes.

And there you have it… your own little ribbon froggy. Is he cool, or what?! Toadily!


  1. this is so cute, Julie, I LOVE this tutorial!!!

  2. That frog is so cute! Love your layout too! Great tutorial!

  3. Julie, your layout is so cute and love the cute frog! I can say that is one frog I will touch...hehehehe

  4. how cute!!! thanks for the tutorial!


  5. I love that froggy so're so clever, Julie!

  6. This is completely adorable!! I need to be better about coming up with creative ways to use stuff already in my stash.

  7. Jules - I love the Ribbon Frog! Super idea. I can't help but notice how young and moisturized your hands look in the photos. Is it all the humidity in Florida? Colorado is not so kind to the skin and my hands look a little scaly in the winter. You could probably give Vanna a run for her money.

  8. How cute is your little ribbon frog! Adorable and thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Julie! He is totally adorable! What a fun tutorial!