Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ask the Artists!

I thought it would be fun to ask the contributors questions ... so you could get to know them better! Once in a while, I will ask the contributors new questions and will post the answers here! So stay tuned!! If you have a "fun" question for the artists, please email me at scrappingpam73@yahoo . Enjoy!

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever used on a scrapbook page?

Susan: I don't know that I've ever added anything strange to my scrapbook pages....unless jute cord from the hubby's tool box counts.

Sarah: One time, I came up with a challenge for a blog that require people to use toilet paper on their projects! Mine actually turned out okay. :)

Melanie: Nothing that I can think of on a page, but I did once alter a Bic pen box. Turned out rather cute, I might

Julie: I've used popsicle sticks (on a layout where my Grandpa was sharing a popsicle with his dog, Punky), fiberglass window screening (on a cat layout) and a drink umbrella (2-for-1 margaritas, baby!).

Heather: I've used a coffee filter on my coffee page, and actual pantyhose on a layout about how I hate to wear them.

Delaina: Hair Pins (I painted them white).

Danielle: The strangest thing I used was a pregnancy test! With my first child I was just a little too excited! I have since replaced it with a photo of the test!!!

2. What is the latest you have ever stayed up scrapbooking, be honest :) ? What did you end up making?

Susan: I've been up until about 3 am scrapping.. The only thing I made was a mess - of the table, the floor, and the layout!

Sarah: I'd say around 1am. What did I end up making?! NOTHING! LOL.

Melanie: Hmmmm, I have been known to stay up until 4 AM at times, not to mention waking up in the middle of the night with ideas and having to write them down. I can assure you, NOTHING, I've made at 4 AM is worth mentioning.

Julie: I actually have problems going to sleep if I have a half completed project still rattling about in my head. I'm just one of those folks who have a difficult time sleeping, in general. I can't "shut down" easily. I'll toss and turn for hours, scrapping in my mind, until I finally give up and return to my scrap room. It's not unusual at all to find me at my scrap table at 3AM finishing up a layout.

Heather: I've pulled an all nighter before. My husband and oldest daughter were out of town at a NASCAR race. I scrapped all of the NASCAR photos from the year before while they were gone. I think it ended up being six layouts. There was paper EVERYWHERE after I was finished.

Delaina: I worked until 7:00am on a Lo with lots of hand stitching.

Danielle: The latest I have stayed up scrapping is 2am...because we HAD to leave! I would have stayed longer! I think I got 3 layouts and a card done in that 7 hour period!

3. If for some reason you had to choose between patterned paper OR cardstock indefinitely, which would you choose? Why?

Susan: I would probably chose cardstock. When I first started scrapping, ALL I used was cardstock. Patterned paper can be challenging to me - I'm much better with solid colors.

Sarah: I would definitely choose cardstock! You can always make your own patterns and embellishments using just cardstock. I promise, cardstock will go a LOOOOONG way! :)

Melanie: Hard decision, I am addicted to both. I'd keep cardstock though, you can take a plain piece of cardstock and do so many things to it.

Julie: Patterned paper. Definitely! I rarely use cardstock - when I do it's only as a base, or to mat a photo. Otherwise, I scrap exclusively with patterned papers. They fuel my creativity, the often inspire the overal design, and well they're almost like fashion to me. I can't wait for a new season to roll around so I can pull out my cute summer things or that amazing "little red number" I got on sale.

Heather: This one is hard, both are good for their own reasons, but I'd say cardstock because I could always doodle my own patterns, or stamp on it.

Delaina: I would have to choose Pattern Paper because I need variety.

Danielle: Patterned paper for sure!!!!! I seem to hoard it to be begin with! I cannot get enough of the different styles that come out! They are a wonderful source of inspiration so if I had to give it up I would be in trouble!

4. What would your book title read if you were writing a biography on yourself?

Susan: The Words and Wisdom of Miss Sunshine

Sarah: Document It

Melanie: Mutterings Of A Crazed Scrap-aholic (My family often gets irate with me cause I can't seem to shut up about whatever project I'm working on at the moment.)

Julie: She Tends To Embellish

Heather: Domestic Goddess

Delaina: If I could turn back time..

Danielle: The Life of a Midwestern Mama


  1. soooooo pam, we want to know your answers too ;) hahaha!


  2. ewww ... a pregnancy test on a layout? LOL!! Too funny. Love these mini interviews!!

  3. I agree with Sarah! We want to know your answers too Pammy!