Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sewing Tutorial

For me, most scrapbook projects are not complete without stitching. Stitching adds that additional element of creativity. It can add that punch of color or act as the last embellishment needed to complete the overall look and balance of the project. It makes me happy to put the extra time and effort into my projects.

You can use typical embroidery floss, or for added flair, such as I have done on this LO, you can use sheer ribbon. I made this LO simple with a few left over scraps from other projects, rub-on words and flowers. To get the stitched effect...

1. I traced a dinner plate with a light pencil mark.
2. I added foam board under my page to pad for easy piercing.
3. I used a paper piercer and punched holes about 1/4" apart all around the circle.
4. Using a large hole needle and sheer ribbon, I sewed around, in a simple in and out motion, leaving a little fullness between each hole.
5. I tied the ends together and included the charm in the knot.

Layout titled: Reasons I Love You
By: Delaina Burns


  1. Delaina,
    The layout came out really good. I love the look of stitching.

  2. I really like the idea of stitching with ribbon - makes for such a pretty result. And then finishing it off with a charm... fabulous!

  3. Delaina, could you maybe come to my house and show me in person? Because I'm kinda the girl that didn't do so well in home ec in high school so I could use a real life tutorial. (and an excuse to hang with an awesome scrapper) :)

    Thanks for the tips...I'm def. going to be trying to stitch on my pages. This could be dangerous.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Delaina. Definitely something I will be trying! Thanks!