Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Ellipse template +digital item!

I had fun making all of this stuff today! This first image is the template at full size to print and use.

(Click on each individual image and a larger sized image will appear)

Here is the digital layered template for Photoshop:

This second image is the photoblock ellipse template, if you just want to that to just use that on any page!
This third image is for those people who use the sketches rather than printing the templates!
Here is fun swirlie I created today in PSP again! I am STILL practicing and finding it easier to create some images and hard to create others! Someone told me they can use on a type of cricut program, not sure what it is called. But if you convert this to a font, you can cut it out. I made it to sort of look like a butterfly. You can also cut it in half and use that if you like!
This is a fun frame I made, if you need the photoshop image, with transparent background, email me.
Lastly, here is the page that inspired the template. An old page, but I still like it!

Stay tuned for a fabulous week of inspiration, projects and more!


  1. Your so alike lo made me giggle. I was just telling my middle son today how much he is so like his daddy. From his looks and all the way to the beauty marks they have. :)

  2. ooo thanks so much for providing the measurements! That is very helpful!

  3. What a cool template! Love your layout!

  4. o0o0o0o LOVING the ellipse! hmmm.... ideas are churning in my head now!


  5. Pam, talk to Heather (Landry).. she has the SCAL software for her cricut and can make whatever for the cricut to cut whatever you like out.

    It is a great sketch!!

  6. I LOVE your sketch and your page Pam. Your men look good in hats and the title is perfect. TFS.

  7. I sooo appreciate the measurements!!! You are so talented! And the finished product is amazing!