Monday, November 30, 2009

Four Photo Curvy Template

This template works great for sledding pics, water pics, and other activities! I created one large photo and three smaller photos.

First here is the template. There are also fun circles to use as journaling tags and title spots!

(Click on each individual image and a larger sized image will appear)

Here is the photo template by itself. Print and trace onto your photos. You should be able to print portrait size onto one piece of computer paper.

And lastly, the sketch of the page! I know some people work better with those. I have give pretty specific measurements for each part of the sketch!

Get creative with the template, feel free to flip it 180 degrees or combine photos, whatever works for you!

Here is the digital layers download!

PS- it's the last day to enter the journaling challenge! Don't forget to enter! The prize is a 25 dollar gift certificate to!


  1. i can totally see a future layout with this one! ;) hehehehe.

  2. Such a totally fun template Pam! I love how you use curves in your layouts!