Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick page template!

Hi all, I just wanted to share with you my most favorite layout and a template I created for it!
This page is all about my son and I wanted to center it around the middle star! check it out:

Here is the actual sketch of the page:

Here is the full sized template for printing with a 12" by 12" printer. Print it out, cut out the sections, and trace onto you patterned paper. No measuring ;)
And for the first time I am making it SUPER EASY to print with your regular printers!! This is the RIGHT side, so just click on the image, save and print in another program. It is 11" long! FYI - I use the programs Photoshop Elements or The Print Shop to print my photos and templates!

Here is the LEFT half, click on image, save and print just like you did the right side and tape these two together where they meet! Cut out images and trace onto your patterned paper for the look I got on my "So Smart" page! Use the white sections as large border between you pieces of paper!

Here is the digital layers download!

I hope you enjoy this template and don't forget to send me your photos. Does anyone know how to upload PDF files to the blog posts? I can email them to you if you need super simple printing, just email me at !
I updated some of the templates, so if you have seen them change, you know why :)
Tune in tomorrow for another gift certificate giveaway!!


  1. O' that page is so fabulous and so is that template!

  2. I will SO be using this template in the near future! Thanks for sharing Pammy!