Saturday, November 7, 2009

A chance to win $50 of GCD Studios products!!

As I have mentioned before, Heidi Sonboul is a wonderful, dear friend of mine! She is also the GCD Studios design team coordinator! GCD makes the most delightful products. The colors and detailing of the paper and embellishments are so beautiful! Some even come glittered and foiled, how cool is that? I especially love the "Artsy Urban" line, "Debonair", and "Morning Glory". I have had the chance to work a few of their lines and they make me soo happy! Seriously, good stuff.
Heidi put out "The Pam Challenge." (please click over there for all the details!)
you have 3 weeks to:
  1. Head to Pam's blog
  2. Pick a Template
  3. Scrap with the Template... USING 50% of GCD STUDIOS Product ( I will make a list where you can kind our goods)
  4. Turn it in by no later then Nov 27th, to and place "Pam's Challenge" in the subject line
Hope that you all get a chance to enter!! Good luck! $50 of GCD Studios products is an amazing prize! Thank you GCD and Heidi!

I am working on a template for this layout listed below, and I used Artsy Urban for this page.


  1. FUN!!! :) can't wait to see a winner for this challenge!


  2. Good luck to everyone! What an awesome challenge!