Friday, March 2, 2012

Reader's Pages!

Happy Friday to you!
I am sharing three great reader's page by Libeeti. You may remember her from older posts and a special post ... and I was very happy when I got an email w/some new pages as I love to feature projects here. Libeeti's blog is filled with some gorgeous projects, seriously you need to check them out.. so go hope over with this link for some great inspiration: .

Libeeti is sharing three page w/no die cut machines just like the post I shared last week. Her pages today show how she cut three bracket shapes with just her scissors or by using punches. As you will see the outcome is really really creative!  At first glance you might think she bought or die cut each shape, but then you will see she did it all by hand. Whether it was creating those cool bracket shapes or the banner, she rocked these pages. Check these out!

Thanks Libeeti for sharing your pages w/us. Do you have some reader's pages you would like to share using one of the ideas, tutorials, or templates? Send it to me at and I will be happy to share it!


  1. love your projects. great use of your scissors. thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice! And doubly impressive that they were cut by hand.

  3. I always love reader's pages posts! She did an amazing job. I can't believe she cut all of that out by hand.

  4. Amazing work. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. Thank you, dear ladies, for the spot and for all your comments and compliments.
    and yes, I did cut it all by my hands :))