Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Designer Showcase: Playing with Color

Today we are having a little fun with color. First we used some basic math and then we threw in a splash of color. We went with a simple palette. We are showcasing projects that use black and/or white +1. So they can have black or white (or black and white) plus one other color.  Sounds easy doesn't it? Sometimes these limits make it very difficult to create. But take a look at what the designers have to show you!

For her page, Pam used white plus yellow. Isn't this adorable?  OK so her photos are really special. But the bright yellow is so happy and cheery. I love the way she has done the papers in a sun-ray design. Makes the whole page feel happy!

I have a card to share. I did white + blue. In this case a Tiffany blue. It is the brides color, this is a shower card. But I'm guessing you figured that out by the umbrella.  Turned upside down to catch all the happy wishes for the new couple!

Black and white + tan = a wonderful page from Heather. I just love the heart that is all filled up with love!!  Then take a look at all those layers. Really neat how she used small amounts of paper and trims to have such a big impact on her design.  This is a great idea for how to use up scraps of paper that you just can't part with. Another idea I like on this page is the neat, straight border around the page, It contrasts with the staggered layers, and scattered splatters (that's a tongue twister!)  to keep the eye centered on the page. Neat idea!

This is another one by Heather that uses the white and black + tan = gorgeous equation! On this page Heather has used more white and shades of tan with black accents. It gives such a warm feeling.  The treatment to her photograph really adds to that feeling. I like the mix of patterned papers and the journaling around the page is really fun.

Marlene did a page that is black + white! I love how much detail she was able to get on this page with just the 2 colors.  The way she did her title really gets your eye moving on the page, and the three swirls repeated in the upper and lower corner help you take in the whole page.  I also like the use of circles below the square/rectangle photos, adds so much dynamic to the page.

Vicky has 2 pages to share with us. In the first she has used white + a soft rose color. This makes a real vintage beauty.  The bits of lace peeking out and doily are super sweet. The distressing and curled edges make it oh so shabby chic!  I really like the way she laid out the heart doily, photo, flowers and ribbon. It reminds me of a hand help bouquet of flowers.

How gorgeous is this page? With just black and white, Vicky has created a lovely page that is timeless. Black and white are so classic. Each of Vicky's layers builds a gorgeous frame. The filigree corners blend so well with the patterned paper in the center.  I really like the soft touch that she added with the dainty flowers at the corners of the photo.

Try limiting yourself to just 2 or 3 colors on a project and see how fun it can be. You just might spark some brilliant creativity!


  1. These are all gorgeous! Why have I never tried B/W with one color?! You've inspired me!

  2. Great examples of using b/w and 1 color.
    Beautiful layouts, ladies!

  3. Beautiful pages ladies! It's always so neat to see what everyone comes up with.