Monday, March 5, 2012

Creating New Looks While Scraplifting Yourself

Happy Monday, it's Pam here. Hope your week starts out great!
As I have mentioned before I like to scraplift my own designs when I get into a scrap rut or I when I love the design. However, I do love the whole creative process when making a layout and I often don't want two layouts which look the same. I often try to come up with new looks to my pages each time. So, when I scraplift a design that I love, I make sure it doesn't look completely copied and that can be fun to achieve. :)
Here are some tips on how I go about this. I am sharing two examples today. Here is the original page that I scraplifted. It is a few years old. Notice the vertical circles with the text wrapped around the curves.

Here is my new page.  As you can see it utilizes some of the same ideas.

Here are some tips to change up your page as I did here.
1. Flip your design. Notice the text is on the left side rather than the right side.
2. Change up the color scheme. While both layouts feature my son, the color scheme is completely different.
3. Take away and add paper. If you look closely you will I added more paper on the second layout and dropped the bottom striped paper.

Here are the two layouts in my second example. The latter is the newest page.

There are quite similar but different too. Here is how I achieved that.
1. Change the photo arrangement. As you can see I altered the amount of photos as well as the placement and sizes.
2. Change the shape theme. using different hanging shapes on my page really changes it up. Hearts was used on my Autumn Love page while flowers were used on my Cherish layout.
3. Add more or less of the main paper elements. I think the biggest difference for me looking at this is the number of banners hanging down. Going from five to three makes a huge difference!

I hope this inspire you to scraplift your own pages!!


  1. Great post! Those simple changes give the layouts a totally different look.

  2. That is verey inspiring post. I've never scraplifted my self. I need to give it a try one day.

  3. I've never scraplifted myself either but it's an awesome idea. You did a wonderful job Pam!