Friday, February 24, 2012

No Die Cut Machine, No Problem

Hey all, it's Pam here!  Do you need some ideas for using your exacto knife or scissors to create some neat shapes without a die cut machine? I own the Making Memories Slice, but I don't own any of the big machines. I do use my Slice, but I really enjoy cutting things out and using my exacto knife. I find it kinda fun. I also enjoy finding new ways to use my exacto Knife!

1.  My first page features a template I created in PSE. First I will share with you the page before I go into how I went about doing this page. The buttons on the banner was inspired by page (I think?) is by Greta Hammond.

I created the banner and letters all in one in PSE... that was my first step. Here is a screen shot of the image. This was easy to make with the oval cookie cutter shape and the letter from font pharmacy (if you computer savvy give this a try but maybe with a different font or word).

After I created my template I flipped it horizontally and copied and pasted into The Print Shop. I do all of my printing  there, but I am sure you can use Photoshop to print as well.

The reason you are going to want to have it backwards is because you are going to print this on the REVERSE side of your paper or cardstock. Once you have printed simply cut this out using scissors or your exacto knife, flip it back over and you will have the finished banner word (with right orientation)! I also have  included the PS file if you would like to download the template and below is the JPEG version for traditional scrappers.

Here is link:

Here is JPEG image. The title is already flipped, so just print on REVERSE side of desired patterned paper, cut out letters/banner and flip:

2. The next two examples feature leaving space around the shapes I have cut out for a neat look. For this first page, I cut out a bunch or different sized hearts and traced on outline on my papers (leaving a little space). I cut out that traced border and put my hearts inside.  Check out my page. The ribbon w/hearts was inspired by an older page by Robyn Werlich! Love her stuff.

3. My third page also features the same technique as the second page, except I used two different pieces of papers as the border for my butterflies. I wanted the butterflies to look like they were flying up the page. Both pages feature no die cutting, just scissors and and exacto knife!

Do you have some cool ideas for cutting out shapes? Share them below :)


  1. wow!!! Just loved it and think twice before ask noel a die cut machine! Thanks

  2. Awesome! I hand-cut a lot of small embellishments (using Fiskars micro-tip scissors), but I almost never use a craft knife. I'm really impressed with what you've made.

  3. very impressive - I don't have a machine either!

  4. You must be amazing with a craft knife Pam! I love these pages so much.

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Feb. 25, 2012. Thanks again.

  6. Thanks for sharing!