Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Designer Showcase: Wearing of the Green

St. Patrick's Day is coming up. Some say if you're not wearing green, you are to be pinched!  Well, we didn't want to be caught without wearing our green, so this week for the Designer Showcase you'll be seeing GREEN! 

Let's start off with some digital pages.  Dolores created this page just for this showcase!  I really like how she used St. Patrick's motif's to reflect on her relationship with her husband. "Lucky in Love", the perfect title! There is so much to like on this page, the subtle patterns in the background, the scattered bling and the beautiful clusters with a few shamrocks thrown in. I like how she has modified her photo to blend with the coloring of her page too.

I've also got a digital page to share.  Every year on the eve of St. Patrick's Day, our house gets invaded by a Leprechaun.  My boys try to build a trap to capture him, but we've never been lucky enough.  However, that clever lad leaves a trail of mayhem throughout the house. I captured a few photos of the destruction on this page. I went with a modified block design. The cluster of flowers in one corner and the journaling in the opposite corner bound the block.  I broke up all the green with a dash of blue, not to mention my son's bright red shirt.  Guess he's going to get pinched!

Heather has also designed a digital page. I love how she has used the word art strips to create a very meaningful title.  The patterns and shapes of the layered papers really add to the fun on her page.  The touches of purple highlight her daughters cute face!

Pam is sharing two traditional pages that she created. Pam is great at giving her pages dimension through shape. I love how in the top page, she has used a large circle with smaller squares, and in the bottom page she has used a large square with smaller circles. The plaid pattern and color combinations really give her pages a lot of spirit!

This page by Nancy is great. I love the masculine feel to it. All the details give it just enough grunge and edginess. Yet, there are touches of chic to give it a soft, happy feel too. The stars and argyle pattern work so well for a guy page. Check out the stitching on the sides and the big star! Nancy says she doesn't work with the color green much, but she has done an amazing job with the color combo on this page!

Vicky has this "sweet" page to share with us. The color combination of green and pink is so fresh, like Spring. The patterns in the papers she selected are such a perfect match to the dress and the chair in the photo. I really like how she has used the gem swirls to give that butterfly flight.

Now this page is wearing some green!! And it really shares the spirit of St. Patrick's Day!  Marlene has done a great job decorating this page. Look at the way she has used eyelets. She that gorgeous blingy trim going through them, and she has also used them as accents on the page. I like the way she used that trim again to highlight her fun title.

How perfect for St. Patrick's Day is this page by Marlene?  I love it!  The title has me laughing!!  Is it just me, or do you automatically take on an Irish accent when you say it out loud?  Try it!  I like how Marlene has pulled the colors from the striped paper into the flourishes about the page.  The ripped circle in the middle of the page is so creative. What a great way to give focus, texture and dimension to her page.

So, you see, there shall be no pinching here as we're all wearing our green! We hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

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