Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lego Party Decorations

My son turned 8 in February and he finally got the Lego themed party he had been asking for!   I thought I was in trouble when I first started looking for Lego Party supplies. All I could find were printable item, which I was not thrilled about using ink up on or Lego Star Wars supplies and that was not what we wanted. So I turned to my trusty paper crafting supplies to get the job done! I thought I would share some of my ideas for the Lego themed party.

Goodie Bags

I found these little bags at Wal-Mart for .25 cents each.  I bought extra and punched out circles and pop-dotted them to make it look like a lego brick. I purchased lego reading books for the kids and Cole made each of his guests a unique lego creation. The goodie bags were a bit hit!


This is a candle holder that I filled with legos and then made a few lego flags out of cardstock and BBQ skewers!

This is a banner I made out card stock by cutting the paper in to 'bricks' an then punching circles out and pop-dotting them- so easy!

I had more banner bricks than I needed so I tied them on the back of the chairs.

Lots of balloons and bright table clothes and its a PARTY!

I decorated the house while my son was not around and he when he saw the decoration she was stunned! He said I did an amazing job! :) 

Think about how you can use your current paper craft supplies for your next party!


  1. Wow- this is timely! I'm in the process of planning a Lego party for my nearly 6 year old. Yours looks great!!

  2. What a cute idea! Almost makes me wish my son was that little again :)

  3. You did an awesome job! I'm working on decorations for a party too. I like the banners tied to the back of the chair. Great idea!