Thursday, February 16, 2012

Action Photo Layout Ideas!

Happy Thursday all! It's Pam here sharing some ideas here for action photos. On Saturdays, our family now has a family fun day. We now try to do something fun everyone will love (the three of us) just about every Saturday. It is a great way to bond as a family. I have listed more Saturday fun day ideas on my other blog and you can read about it here. A lot of these places we go are action orientated. I really LOVE to capture these moments b/c these are some of the best moments and I want to remember and document them. I think you will see I take each photo theme into consideration before designing my action layout.

Four out of the five layout are from these Saturdays and the other is my son playing soccer at a spring practice!

1. My first page is all about ice skating. I love ice skating and when I think of ice skating I have imaging of flowing on ice in circles are creating lovely shapes (I think I watch too much figure skating, lol). With this design, you will see I incorporated those lines into my page using hand drawn flourishes.
TIP: Use the flourish as your patterned paper separator rather than a straight line.

2. My second page design is about when we visited a water park. As you can see I gave the page lots of action by adding large water splashes to the page. I think that adds the feeling that while we were there, as we were soaked most of the time ;)
TIP: Hand draw your own water droplets and place them along your page. Also, using several different colors will add depth to your design.

3. This next page is from my son soccer practice. I really love to encourage him on my pages by adding things like stars, since I call him my soccer super star. Here I drew my shooting star design (check shooting star images on the net for inspiration on how to get the 3-d look). I chose the same monochromatic color for each star to make it have great depth perception! I also added more stars throughout the page.
TIP: For more ideas on how to get 3-d looks on paper, check the net for ideas!

4. For my next page, I created a design that would be fitting for a children's museum. I loved the idea of circles lifting and lowering each photo. I got this idea from the old children's museum theme which had to do with connected circles. I think this gives a cool look to page. Btw, I handcut all of my circles using my Coluzzle circle cutter.
TIP: For a faster look use your die machine to create this using pre-cut circles or look for connected circle designs (do they exist??)

5. Lastly, I scrapbooked page about taking a ride on the swings at the fair that comes to town each year. In order to get that action look, I scrapped one photo over another to give it that lifting look. I also added a kite to show that it was in the air.
TIP: Add banners in row next to the photo to give a really cool effect!

I hope you find inspiration from my layout for action page ideas!!


  1. These are fantastic! I love the way you use color and shape- you are the master. Great layouts!

  2. Wow...your layouts really capture the action of each page.

    Love these examples. Great job, Heather

  3. What great tips Pam! I especially love your ice skating and soccer pages. I will have to give these ideas a go.

  4. Your pages are all just wonderful. The lines you used in your designs really give them a sense of movement. Really terrific pages Pam!