Friday, February 10, 2012

Coloring Flowers for Versatility and Economy

Do you ever have the color of flowers that you need?  Me either.  As an economical measure, I have solved my problem by buying only white flowers and adding color.   Usually, patterned paper is realitively inexpensive, but you can run up a bill quickly buying accessories so I make most of my own.
For flowers, I use anything that will stain the colors I need.  Mulberry flowers like Vicky used on her IFS post last Thursday take coloring the best.  In the example included here, I had a few sheets of a couple different paper collections from My Mind's Eye and no matching embellishments.  One flower was painted, using different shades of acrylic pink paint.  Acrylic paints are inexpensive and a few bottles of basic colors allow you to blend whatever color you need.  For the top coat I used a dry mustache brush (no idea where I got it) to strafe the lighter color on top of the dark color.  Made a mistake?  No big deal, just re-paint it!

The teal flowers were colored using alcohol ink.  I applied the ink to a dabber, then added some alcohol with a medicine dropper to lighten up the color.  You can buy alcohol ink medium where ever the inks are sold, but it is ordinary rubbing alcohol and costs a lot more than the quart bottle of alcohol at your local discount store.    I like to streak the colors for depth but an even color is also easily accomplished.  For the following layout the flowers were looking a little drab so I finished them off with glossy Modge Podge.

I used Pam Callaghan (IFS)'s Big Heart Template.  I loved her page and had to use the sketch .

I have also used a direct ink pad to flower method as well as the new distress ink pads.  Another favorite technique is to stamp a design which adds interest and color.  Since I live five hours from a scrapbook store, improvise is my middle name.  There is not much you can do to color a flower than can't be undone or re-done so don't be afraid to try what you have on hand.


  1. Really like the subtle shading effect that you got. Great way to make things match!

  2. Super idea! I myself love to buy white flowers so I can re-do them the way I want! Love the idea of paint and alcohol..have to give that a go:)) Tfs!

  3. I always forget about recoloring flowers to make them match! Thanks so much for the reminder. Great post!