Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo Titles

When our family went to Legoland recently, Trevor and I posed in front of the entrance sign, like just about everyone else does. 

I printed 12 of our photos from the day, including this one, to use for my 2-page layout.  When I started arranging the pictures on the page, I realized that the Legoland sign in my photo was large and bold enough to serve as my title.  I grouped some colorful accents both above and to the left of the photo to draw the eye.  I added a third color grouping by my journaling.  It forms a visual triangle that leads right back to the title.  I think it works.

To contrast, let me show you a layout with a photo used as a title that doesn't work.  This is from our cruise to Hawaii three years ago.  Look closely in the middle left where I'm using a photo of a Hawaii sign as my title. 

This layout does not work for a number of reasons.  The title recedes into the background because it is not large or bold enough.  My fussy cut flower accents form a visual triangle, but that triangle doesn't center on the title.  There is nothing to lead the eye to the appropriate location.  This is a case where I knew I was creating a layout that didn't work, but I couldn't figure out how to fix it and finally just gave up.  Now in hindsight, it's so obvious to me why it didn't work!

Using a photo as a title can work well in a multi-picture layout.  Just be sure that the title is large and bold enough, then use your embellishments to lead the eye to the title.  Have you used a photo as a title?  I'd love to see what you made!


  1. I love the title in the pic.. that gives me so many ideas for taking photos now!!!!!!

  2. Cindy, Thanks for the tip about using photographs for the title and explaining how to make them work! I want to try this some time.

  3. Great idea Cindy! Love the comparison. Really helps point out what we should be looking for when we try to capture a photo to use as a title!