Saturday, December 17, 2011

My favorite layouts from 2011 - what are yours?

Hi, it is Pam here again. It's almost the end of the year.. can you believe it? Goodbye 2011, hello 2012 in a couple weeks. I know we still have 2 weeks and still time to make more projects, but IFS is taking a break in about a week for the holidays.

I really wanted to share my favorite layouts that I have made from the year.. and also find out what your favorite layout(s) are.  In the comment section of this post.. please link your favorite layout(s) or projects so we can all see and visit your projects. Because I do 99% layouts, I am just sharing those!

I have four pages that I really love from last year..
4. This is a brand new page I just completed, but it features my favorite colors, favorite season, and favorite shapes (circles). I drew my design onto my computer and then printed and used my Coluzzle and also hand cut the circle shapes out. This also features lots of great scraps!

3. My third favorite layout is very very special to me because it is Kevin and I around our 13th anniversary. I created this heart layout with lots of color and a graphic design. Remember you can download this template here.

2. My second favorite layout was created based on a sketch by our very own contributor Heather Landry. I soooo love how this turned out because it is perfect for my style ;)  You can also download or use the template here.. so make sure you check it out!

1. My favorite layout was posted yesterday.. in my paper inspiration post. I will post it again if  you are interested. I like this layout because it flows well and also is a bunch of rings of circles.. what can be better than that!!

Remember to post a link to your favorite projects below so I can see them. I can't wait.


  1. Olá seus 4 trabalhos favoritos são realmente muito bonitos.
    gostei muito do último com anéis de círculos.
    Aqui o meu projeto favorito até hoje!

  2. Thanks for this post. It gave me a good reason to go back through all the work I've done over the past year! Here are a few of my favs:
    and the 2010 Memories one from here:

  3. It's such a great idea to go back over your favourite layouts from the year. It can be so easy to get caught up in your latest projects and not give your work the recognition it deserves!
    Among my favs this year are .....

  4. Goodness, favorites from 2011?

  5. Hey, just wanted to say that this was a very well written post and I enjoyed reading it. It's great to see someone sharing interesting information on the internet.

  6. Your pages are awesome Pammy! I loved the one you did with my template. I remember thinking how chilly feeling it was. Really fun post!