Friday, December 2, 2011

Design Tip: Repetition

Hi there, it's Pam here sharing and a design tip with you that I love to do. Sometimes when I get in a scrap rut, i just need to go back to some of my favorite design techniques, repetition! This is when I use a shape or element over and over to create a design.  I will often use a photo or two to replace the shape. You might have used this before, but here are a few examples by me of repetition!

My first page is using circles over and over in a row to create a stoplight like feeling to my page. This goes along with my soccer theme and how soccer is like stop and go sometimes. I used my Coluzzle to cut out large and small circles and used a few photo in the middle of the circles.

In this next example, I was inspired by a Studio Calico stamp and also Amy Butler paper - two companies that I LOVEEE!!. I created my design and cut it out with scissors. I also replaced some of the shapes with photos.

My next page is an oldie but a goodie! Created back in 2006, I use strips of paper over and over in the background to make make my main photo pop! I like the effects of small strips of paper!

Here is another page created a while back in 2007 using repeating photos in the top and the bottom. This is a digital page which I really don't do to much of anymore, but still a favorite layout from back then!!

Here is one more repetition using both paper and photos. I created the text squares in photoshop and printed them off. I also used photos intermixed with the squares.

My last example is a layout (there is a link to the template here) where I used repeated the flower design over and over all over the layout. This created a neat place to "peek" my photo from!

I hope you have enjoyed this tip that I used! :) Have a great weekend!!


  1. I like the way to go soccer page. what a neat idea to cut letters out of the picture!

  2. A great tip! I love how many different types of examples of repetition you've shown us.

  3. I absolutely love the graphic feel of your pages. Especially the repetitive elements, they really draw the eye through the pages.