Friday, December 9, 2011

For The Love Of Paper!!!

One of my favorite thing to do is create with paper!  I pretty sure that is what got me in to scrapbooking to begin with.  I think its fun and challenging to take a sheet of paper and create a dimensional and unique embellishment.  With just a little time and patience you can create so many of your own home made embellishments!

Today I want to share a layout with you that I made with ALL paper with the exception of 1 button.

 Here you can see I took circles and folded them in until the sides met in the center to create this green boarder.  I then cut circles in half and fan folded them to create the flower.

I use a veriety of circle and scalloped punches to along with pop-dots to created this layered flower.  Finally at the top I cut circles in haft and lined them up edge to edge with pop-dots on the back side.

Here is a second layout that is almost all paper!

 With this layout I cut random size strip of paper and glued them to the back ground paper.  Then I cut out a large paper heart from my cricut and laid it on top of my strips of paper and then applied glimmer mist to the whole page.  once it was well misted I removed the large paper heard and where it laid on the page their was no mist the original paper colors showed through.  Next I stitched the outline of the heart shape to help it sand out more.

Make things with paper is very easy and very good for your scrap stash!


  1. Love all the great borders and embellies that you created!

  2. Oh my GOSH how cute is this?! Sara, You did an amazing job on both of these pages. The paper folding is really awesome!