Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Designer Showcase: Girls Pages

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
and everything nice
That's what little girls are made of!

Last week we shared a bunch of boy pages.  So this week we are going to spotlight girl pages!  Let's get started with two pages from Vicky.

Vicky really knows how to do up the girl pages! Her layering and distressing is amazing.  She incorporates flowers, lace, doilies and some really neat chip wood pieces.  I really like how she leaves the edges of her papers and some elements lifted. It adds to the light, airy feel to her pages.  These two examples are great. The first seems so filled with layers and elements compared to the second. Yet they each have many details that could hold your attention as you drool all over her work  appreciate the time and work that she puts into capturing each memory!

Check out how Cindy created this page. She replicated her goddaughters dress!  She reversed the colors, so to speak, by making the purple dominant and used white and lighter colors for the punched edge and journal spot.  I really like the simply work bits used for the journaling. What a positive way to boost her goddaughters self-esteem by showing her how she feels about her!

Marlene also used a dress to help create her page. This is a handmade dress that is being modeled. I love how the pose is so similar to the American Girl image that she used as an element.  The lacy butterflies and the gorgeous trim on the tag are all great girly elements too. I also like the twisted twine on top of the border punched strip. Great way to add dimension and texture to the page.

Doesn't this page from Nancy look like a bouquet of flowers? So neat the way she has them sprayed across the page with the most special bloom, her daughter, in the center.  Look at all the details in there!  There are blossoms, gems, rhinestones, more blooms, lace, butterflies and a birdhouse on there!  I can not image how much time it must have taken to put this page together! A real labor of love!

I hope you've enjoyed the pages for the girls this week. I've really enjoyed them and I think I've cleaned up all my drool!

What are your favorite elements to include on a girl page? Leave us a comment to let us know.