Thursday, July 21, 2011

Working with "Found Objects"

Sometimes when we are preserving memories, we would like to include "things" in addition to our photos and journaling.  Often there is memorabilia from an event that we attended, or ephemera from a certain time frame that would we like to have on our pages to conjure up our memories and emotions.

Today I'm going to share some projects that include "found objects".  One of my sons took up collecting bottle caps. It was really fun. Different places we would visit he would save bottle caps from beverages that we might have enjoyed. Some bottle caps he would find at the beach or park.  I thought it was great that he found such interest in building his collection.  He added them all to a stylish jar that he keeps in his bedroom. One day I came across an interesting bottle cap that I thought he didn't have. When I offered it to him for his collection, he told me that the jar was filled so he was done collecting!

He is rather shy, he has autism, and doesn't like to have his photo taken often.  I recently got a good photo of him. I've been wanting to record his bottle collecting for quite some time. I'm so glad that he allowed me 2 caps from his collection to include on this scrapbook page.  I adhered the caps to some copper metal that I embossed and sanded.  I also included a clothing tag from a pair of shorts that I bought him this summer. I really like the grungy, mildly distressed look of it. I added a fabric tag from Little Yellow Bicycle to it and attached it to the page as an element.

Now check out some samples from the other contributing artists.  Lisa shares a page that she made after rummaging through her husband's fishing gear.  That is real netting that she used to frame the photo.  It really adds a feeling of the sea and lots of texture!

Heather is sharing two projects with found objects. In the first, she admits her addiction to coffee. And what better way to do so than to include an actual coffee filter that she has inked brown, as well as stamped mug rings made using a real mug!

In her second project, I absolutely adore how Heather has expressed that even in the chaotic world of being a very busy woman, having her toes painted can make all the difference. She has included a pair of  pantyhose (complete with well earned runs) to express her emotions.

 Vicky has also shared some projects using found objects.  In this first one she has included some thin cork.  What a great accent this makes. Adds texture, dimension and color to the page. I'm really liking that feather too!

On this page Vicky included some twigs. Look how she used them along with rolled paper and flowers to extend the beauty of the blossoms. All of her elements keep the concentration on the natural beauty in the photo.

I find myself constantly looking at items and thinking about how they can be used on a scrapbook page or in a craft. I love to use the metal from beverage cans for making flowers, coffee filters for creating accent elements, and even using toilet paper rolls to create mini-albums.  My family has learned not to throw things out before asking me if I want to keep it for crafting. Which has created a storage challenge of sorts!  

Take a look around you. What "found objects" can use on your next project? We would love to see what you create. Email them to me at with "Found Objects" as the subject and I'll include you in an upcoming "Reader's Pages" post.


  1. WOW all the pages were just Awesome:)

  2. Love this post! Great job! I've always got my eye ball out for something I can remake or use on a page!

  3. I am going to start keeping a sharper eye out for scrappy stuff around here now! You all rocked this post. =0)