Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Designer Showcase: Border Punches

Happy Wednesday everyone!  For today's Designer Showcase we are dishing up some projects that use border punches.  A few years back this tool really burst on to the crafting scene. There are many styles, designs and manufacturers to choose from. One thing they all have in common; they are a "go-to" tool for any crafter's tool box!

Let's take a look at some of the awesome projects that the contributors are sharing with you this week.

This card made by Lisa is just jaw-dropping beautiful. I love the colors, the way she popped the flower, even entwining the foliage about the ribbon.  And the border punch that she used blends so easily with the other scalloped shapes and the floral embellishment on her card.

Lisa is also sharing another wonderful floral design with border punches, this time in a scrapbook layout. Look at how her choice of color and style for the border punch help to transport your eye around her page so that you don't miss one detail of  her design.

Sara has two scrap pages to share where she has incorporated border punches into her design. Each adds unique details while enhancing other elements on her pages.  In this first one, the delicate holes in the border complement the dotted stamped images on the background while the scallop mingles so well with the damask accent paper.

In her second page I love the way she has used the strips of paper to be a focal point of her triangle of design. The border punches that she used add so much detail and texture and add to the fun look of this page.

These next two pages shared by Vicky also show how well a border punch can augment your design. In this first one, you can imagine the page without the border punched edges. It would still look great, the long vertical paper has a similar edge treatment to the mat under the photo. But the border punch pulls together those elements as well as the heart doily to make a very harmonized design.

In this one Vicky has done an amazing job replicating the look and feel of the gate and fence with her choice of border punch.  Placing the gems along the punch edge reminds me of the pickets on the fencing. Isn't it just darling the way she has lined up her photo? Looks like we are looking through the garden gate to find a precious treasure!

Heather has also shared a project with us. Her design includes great color and textures. She has used the border punch to pull the design triangle right across her precious photo. I love the way it picks up the splash of colors from the large blossoms.

Check out how Nancy has cleverly used border punches. It creates a frame around her photos and leads your eye through her super cute title. I love the use of them above and below her main design area.

In this next one, Nancy has layered punched edges that just really accentuate the theme of the page.  Look at all those tiny holes along the edge, just like little bubbles floating up through her design.

I have two projects to share as well this week. On this first card, I used 3 different border punches to give the bottom some detail and help to offset the strong design of the lace.

On this birdhouse, I use a border punch to create detail for the roof fascia and the balcony rails.

Don't let your border punches collect dust, get them out and use them on your next project!


  1. Loved seeing all these beautiful projects today. I love my border punches and use them often.

  2. I am a punch "junkie" and love seeing what you gals create with them too!

  3. yes punches are a great investment .. they are used over and over and over!!

  4. WOW some gorgeous projects here... I have only a few punches and need to start collecting more! Starting a new thing is really hard on the pocket book... want and need everything!

  5. All of these projects are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing them with us ladies.