Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Special: Pass the Layout GAME

Yea, it's Friday and I have a special treat for you today! A few of the contributors and I played a fun game I like to call "Pass the Layout". It is kinda like the game Telephone that you used to play as a kid. I started by creating a layout and not showing anyone. I gave everyone a list of rules to help guide them, but basically they were to make a couple of changes and then pass it to the next person. Each person was to create a layout by being inspired by design before them, not scraplifting the previous design. So, by the end of the game we could see how our layouts evolved when passing it. The really cool thing is as how each layout changed in different ways! You have to see how this turned out and how each contributor interpreted each layout before them and how each design evolved!

Here is my layout. I went with a graphic design pretty typical of what I usually go with: curved title, circles, and text that fit in a shape.

Next, I passed it to Heather who was inspired to create this design. She kept the general design the same with scallops and stripes, but added a few changes such as one more photo in the circle rather than text, a straight title, adding the text to the bottom, and stretching the layout to make it a little larger.

Heather passed the layout to Nancy who created this next page. Nancy did some cool stuff as well to her page. She kept the outline of the layout in pen, the scallops on top of the photos, and the journaling on the bottom right. The changes that Nancy made are substituting the photo for a princess photo, put the title around the oval, and moved the photos up a bit.

Nancy then passed it to Sara. Her page was like Nancy's page with the oval title (though flipped horizontally), journaling on the bottom right and the general design. Sara was inspired to add two different sized photos to the layout, add lots of detail to the small photo, stretched the layout so there was no border, and took away the detail at the top right corner.

Next, Sara passed the layout to Lisa. She kept the layout the same by keeping two photos different sizes, kept white space at the top and bottom, and kept lots of detail below the photos. Lisa was inspired make the title a sun shape, tilt the photos a bit, move the journaling over a couple of inches, and add a bit more detail below the second photo.

Lastly, Lisa passed the page to Dolores. She kept the border with photos inside, the tilted photo, lots of detailing on the bottom, and the journaling in strips at the bottom. Dolores made a few changes to the design. She added more patterned paper to the layout rather than white space at the top, spread out the title a bit, added a little bit of detail coming out of the left photo corner, and changed the main upper shape from a sun to a neat three circle design.

I adore how this turned out. As you can see each person was inspired from the person before them and the results are so cool. Dolores' last page is similar to my original page, can you tell how? If you want to play this game get together some of your friends and I will email you the rules as well as feature your final result. Just email me at (please use this email, I missed the 73 when i first posted this blog entry). Also if you want to play but don't have a group set up, I can set you up with one, just email me!


  1. Love how everyone's projects turned out.

  2. What a fun post! Love all of the layouts. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is very cool. Love the gradual changes.

  4. These all turned out so very cool! Thank you so much for sharing ladies. I had a blast participating!

  5. What a great idea! I love how they all turned out. It's so fun to see how the projects each changed a little bit from the original.

  6. Fab idea! I love the way everyone interpreted the LO:)

  7. These all turned out so beautiful! Hopefully next time I won't have computer issues and can play along!