Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Use Your Scrapbook Stash Around The House

Good morning, Sara here to give you some new ideas on how to use up your scrapbook stash around your house! I love to take my supplies and find a unique way to showcase a photo or create something beautiful to display in my home. 

Here are few examples (and they are easy!) of things you can create! 

This was a wreath I purchased at the dollar store! I cut out a cardboard circle that fit the size of the wreath. Decorated the circle with papers and embellishments and then hot glued to the back side of the wreath. I also hot glued the other embellishments to the front of the wreath. I tried glue dots but they just were not strong enough.

This is a large Bottle Cap from Maya Road that I put a photo inside and added lots of fun embellishments to! So easy! 

This is a photo frame I have had for a while with a cute saying on it. However the saying really did not fit anymore so I reached for my scrapbooking supplies to give it a 'Face Lift'!  All I used was paper, stickers and pop-dots!

This wall mounted photo frame came with its standard white matting and it looked so 'blah' against my white wall. So I covered the matting with paper, added some photo corners and finished with the velvet embellishments.

These are one of my favotites!  These were a mini album in the shape of a house.  I had so much fun making each house different!  The photos came from a left over photo Christmas card, they were just the right size. I made a little support of cardboard and glued it to back so they would stand up on their own.

Take a look around your house and see what you could add a personal touch to!  Find a fun, crafty and unique way to showcase your photos in your house, not just your albums!


  1. Neat, fun ideas. I'll have to look around and see what I can find to recycle with my endless stash of sb goodies.

  2. That wreath is so cool Sara! I really love all of your projects. Thanks for sharing how you recycle stuff with your scrappy goodies!

  3. These are great! You are super creative and it cost you little because you re-cycled what you had!!! Very green! Hugs, antonella :-)