Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Featured Artist: Garden Inspired Scrapbooking by Mitra!

Happy Friday. First before I introduce our featured artist for today, I want to point out that you can now follow the blog by email! How exciting huh? Just enter your email on the top right bar and get email notifications of all of the posts so you don't miss a thing.. :) We have lots of totally cool posts coming up including a new game called "pass the layout" which I am totally exciting about!!
Today I am sharing a previous awesome  featured artist named Mitra. Please visit her to get to know her by her first intro as well as her great post on Stamp Versatility(it's such a cool post)! Click here to view.  I am honored to once again feature her with another fabulous idea! One I have not done yet. It is all about scrapping your garden and creating a mini book all about it. I think my absolute favorite page in there is where she describes the pollinators and draws a diagram! How totally cool to add to a page. Also, don't forgot to stop by Mitra's fabulous blog for lots of ideas and more: .  Enjoy this post :)

Garden Inspired Scrapbooking by Mitra

Hey there from upstate NY! It’s finally getting sunny here although we have had plenty of rain.  I keep reminding myself how great that is for the garden! I wanted to share some pages about gardening that hopefully will inspire you to photograph your flowers, veggies, and the visitors to your garden or container plants on your patio.
I have recently moved and the year before, I kept a garden scrapbook. I didn’t know we were moving and had put 10 years of sweat into gardens that thankfully were documented in a little book. It’s priceless to me now! Might not be the most amazing scrapbooking, but it’s a great memory book for me! I used a 6 by 6 3-ring binder. If you’re not big on a smaller sized album, maybe you can use 12 by 12 and just include with your other pages.  The nice part about a three ring binder is that you can also include the tags off your flowers and plants so you may be able to remember year to year what you’ve planted and what the requirements are. (wash them off first of course!)
Here are some photos from my book.

I divided it into four seasons with little page dividers. My goal each season was to take a few hours and scrap up some smaller pages of blooms, gardens, and projects.  That way it wasn’t an overwhelming proposition.
Here are a couple of more garden pages that are larger sized. The lily page I made ages ago, but includes a hand sketch of how I laid out my lily garden.

And here is another I made just the other day for my neighbor Shirley after she asked me to walk over and take some photos of her amazing daffodils! I printed out a background of her house and flowers and used that paper to scrap other photos of her plants.

Let me know how this blog post inspired you! Happy scrappin’ and gardening!


Thanks Mitra for sharing such a cool idea with us all!! :-)


  1. Your layouts are all amazing! You've done such a wonderful job scrapping about your garden!

  2. These layouts are so pretty. I especially love "Pollinators" with the hand sketch. That is cool!