Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Featured Artist: Stamp Versatility by Mitra

Glad you are here to learn an idea from another artist on a fabulous Friday! Our featured artist for today, Mitra, comes from New York and is going to share a great idea on how to use a stamp over and over on different types of layouts and projects for neat looks! To get a taste of Mitra's style, you need to visit her blog, On her beautiful blog, you will see her her unique classic style and lots of pretty projects .. so make you visit :) Let's get to know Mitra a little better!!


 Hello fellow scrappers! Let me just say that although I have been scrappin’ for about ten years now and have no idea how many albums I have filled, blogging for me is quite new. I love to share my pages, but really was only doing it among a little core group of scrappers that met monthly. A move to the North Country in NY was difficult as I had to leave all my scrappin’ buddies behind. Luckily through Sara Zenger (who is also a contributing artist for this blog), I was introduced to the on-line variety of scrap buddies and I can enjoy seeing new pages, new ideas, and new products ! I find myself blogging quite regularly, so if you want to visit my blog:
I’d love it even more if I had followers…but that is up to you!!

Stamp Versatility by Mitra

I’d like to share some ideas around stamping with you. I bought this stamp (it happens to be a stamp from Close to My Heart) a while back. It was an impulse purchase meaning that I stared at it in the catalog for months and then randomly ordered it. It didn’t fit with “sensible” and being able to use it over and over. As usual, I was wrong. I use it all the time!

In the “Rainbow over Potsdam” page I use the stamp in a traditional sense with all the right colors. Of course it was  a rainbow page…so made a lot of sense! 

In the “Bucket Filler” page I didn’t want all the extra color and was trying to pull out the blue on his award. I liked the rainbow in various shades of blue! Of course the puffy clouds I found (Jolees) were also fun.

I used it again in the “Dream” page using the same color of stamps to also ink up the letters.

My newest project using this rainbow stamp was the green box I made up to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

I didn’t have anything to decorate with for that holiday and my friend found this box on sale & shared. It’s greenness spoke to me! And I thought it needed a rainbow with lots of rainbow colored flowers. The green knitted piece is from Purple Pumpkin who routinely has some really cool stuff…they can be found at:


Thank you so much for sharing your stamping idea and projects with us, Mitra!!


  1. Great ideas!!! I am so happy I could I help you out! Cant wait to see more from you.

  2. I am very happy that Mitra lives right next door to me. She has inspired me sooo much and now I scrap all the time.

  3. This is such a cool post! I always forget to try using my themed stamps on different layouts.