Thursday, March 18, 2010

Using a Visual Triangle by Alicia

I am constantly being asked "how do you come up with the different designs on your pages?". One of the design principles that I follow quite often on my projects is creating a "visual triangle". Your brain associates similar items/clusters and when an imaginary triangle is formed with your embellishments, the page is more pleasing to the eye and causes the eye to move throughout your page. I love to form this invisible triangle surrounding my photo or photos so that the photo becomes the focal point on my page.

Here's an example of a page I did using the "visual triangle" technique.

Can you see the invisible "visual triangle" I formed on my page with my embellishments?

Here's the first cluster or the first point on my triangle:

and the eye then goes upward and to the right for the second point:

and lastly the eye goes down to my third triangular point which is also my title and journaling. This point carries a little more weight/size because it is closest to my photo.

It really is that simple to form a visual triangle on your page.

On this page, I also tried to make the visual triangle a little more obvious by also forming a triangle with colors too. Notice how each point of the triangle has yellow to pull your eyes through to the next point? Not only does this page have the visual triangle design, but I have also added two more subtle visual triangles by using the stamped word "miracle" three times, forming another triangle, and then I also used some Kraft punched borders on the outside of the page three times to form yet another triangle. These triangles add so much interest and movement to the page.

If you want to add some movement to your page and perfect your designs, try using the "visual triangle" technique. It really is very easy and quite effective.



  1. This gives me many ideas. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful layout Alicia!! LOVE the spring and girly!!!

  3. Gorgeous lo! Love the soft colors, the misting and all the great embellies!

  4. What a great tip!! Thanks for sharing!! And I love your LO!!!

  5. Really great tutorial, and your layout is so very adorable!!!

  6. Thank you for this tutorial! I've learned a lot from it, and tried to use it on my first layout.

  7. yayyy alisha!! I looove your page and tutorial, looove your style! :)

  8. What a fantastic page Alicia!!! Thanks so much for the tips!