Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Color Schemes For Your Pages!

Hi everyone!! Today, I am posting more color schemes! You can see my first color scheme here. I love browsing through home decor magazines to get fresh color schemes for layouts. I created some schemes that I love and I hope you find inspiration in these. Sometimes, I use color schemes when I want a certain color palette and my patterned papers don't work. To use the schemes, print of this blog page and match to your cardstock or patterned paper. I will post more the future ... maybe a few brighter than these!

This first one is the blog color scheme:

These next color schemes are one I am dying to try. I hope to work on a page in the next couple of days using one of these.

Send me an email at scrappingpam73@yahoo.com if you use any! I will feature it on the blog.


  1. Love this blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Those are some great color combos! I will have to try some!

  3. They are all awesome! I love the red and blue one with the kraft.