Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Template Versatility

Templates are wonderful things. The layout determination (for me the hardest part of my entire page) is already complete, and therefore the only decisions left are what pictures, papers, and embellishments to use. If you are like me, you want every page to look individual, but the mind set that goes along with that, would mean that each template has limited use. I wanted to dispel that thought and show that each template can be used multiple times and still have each page look fresh and totally individual.

Both of these layouts are using Pam's template "curvy template #3. In both layouts I used 4 blocks & the circle for photos.

My first layout "Buoys will be Buoys" is a layout about my Son's first fishing trip with his Dad. When I first saw Pam's layout, it sort of reminded me vaguely of a fish silhouette and my initial thought would that it would be perfect for these photos. I used the template horizontally (as it shows on the blog) and used a white background. I kept the left side open as the page has a longer title. I used one block for journaling and the other blocks used colors in the same shades found in my photos...greens, blues, and yellows. A few chipboard accents, a rounded corner, and a scalloped border, and the page was complete.

The second layout "Grand Dad", I took a different approach. First I used the template vertically instead of horizontally. Instead of using papers that mimic directly the colors in my photos, I wanted to use choices that would make the photos pop. So I choose black & white photos, and page colors of red, black, and white. Since my title was shorter I used a journaling block as the title background, and used the top of the page for an overlay. I also used some ribbon.

You could also get a different look by using the circle for a title or journaling, instead of a photo, as I used it. Or you could put the photos in the top or bottom 4 blocks, instead of the middle. You can see how totally different these two layouts turned out with exactly the same template to start with. So when using templates, from this site or any site, try using the same one several times to see how different your pages can turn out. That way instead of having say 50 templates to choose from, your possibilities become endless.


  1. Fantastic job! I love the title of the fishing LO. Thanks for sharing some great ideas on how to use a template in so many different ways! I'm completely challenged to try this now!

  2. Both of your layouts are fabulous! Thank you for the inspiration. I'd never thought to turn the templates and use them more than once.